How To Draw Fabio Sparklemane | Fortnite (Draw + Color)

Scanner Darkly to Pop Art

The film Scanner Darkly, has not just an engaging storyline, but also great animation. Its unique look is what many viewers enjoyed. But some artists took the next step forward. They attempted to convert the Scanner Darkly dynamic look from the film to a static style of two dimensional portraits. Here is more.

Blek Le Rat, an Iconic Graffiti Artist

Born as Xavier Prou, in the beautiful land of Paris, Blek Le Rat was a famous artist, known for pioneering the graffiti art movement in this place. After studying etching, lithography and painting for six years, he went on to study architecture. He began graffiti art in the early 1980s by painting pictures of rats on the street walls of his city. The rat was one of his favourite elements, and he often described it as being the only free animal and the one that spreads plague everywhere. During the early years, he was largely influenced by graffiti artists of New York City. After visiting it, he brought the style to Paris, adapting it to suit the culture of the region.

Things to Consider for an Effective Logo Design

Wondering what are things to consider while getting ready for a logo design for your company? Reading this article will definitely prove a help.

Editing Digital Photos Professionally With Clipping Path Techniques

The upgraded versions of digital cameras flood the market regularly. With this development, there is a constant requirement of image editing techniques simultaneously. Several tools are introduced in new software applications. This has given the impetus for editing digital photos professionally with multiple clipping path techniques for better results.

Low E (Energy Efficient)

Introduction: Low-e glass stands for low emissivity glass. This glass varies from normal clear glass in that one side of the glass has a special metal coating, technically known as a low emissitivity, or Low E. coating. Low-E glass is a type of insulating glass, which increases the energy efficiency of windows by reducing the transfer of heat or cold through glass. That means in the winter your house stays warmer, and in the summer it stays cooler. There are two types of Low-E (low emissivity) glass available – Pyrolytic (hard coat) is our Synergy product and is considered to be a medium performer, and sputtered (vacuum deposition or soft coat) is considered to be the highest performer. As energy saving will become more and more important in our daily lives, implementing low-e glass in our houses will soon be a standard we all have to comply to.

What Makes Your Plasma Television Work

The technology that goes into a plasma television set allows it to be superior to traditional televisions in several ways: size, weight, manageability and clarity. Here we explain how the plasma television is able to be so good.

How To Make A Movie Poster

In this article I will discuss the steps in creating a movie poster. A movie poster symbolizes the film and what it is about. It can be fun and creative while making a movie poster.

Clipping Path Technique Resolves Imperfect Image Formats

One of the miracles of working on digital imaging is that any format is supported and helpful to an editor for graphic designing. Using technology of clipping path technique is increasingly becoming essential in creating fantastic illustrations to attract viewers’ eyeballs.

What You Need to Know About Scanning – Color Depth

There are some key issues about scanners and printers that need to be understood by anyone hoping to become proficient with high-quality digital imaging and printing. These issues or factors are: color depth, dynamic range, and resolution.

Elements of Graphic Designs

In the world graphic design has become one of the most important things. This is because it is very key in printing and web designing. Graphic design can be used in number of ways for product/service promotion, such as posters, banners, newsletters, logos, brochures, flyers, business cards, office stationery such as cash sale etc.

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