Portrait Painting With the Use of a Watercolor Medium

Portrait painting with the use of watercolor is one of the oldest forms of art. Many artists prefer to use this medium for it can create a very elegant product with the combination of paint coating.

Portrait Painters – A Hunting Guide to Deal With a Good One

When you want to avail a perfect portrait, you have to choose the right one among those portrait painters that offer such service. You can find the ideal artist by following some tips of this article.

How to Face Paint – Guide For Beginners

Face painting is an art that has become very popular in the contemporary world. It is not a difficult activity, but by considering a few steps, everybody can learn this art. Those who start face painting for the first time should be familiar with the stuff that is used for painting. There are different types of products available in the market.

The Spirit of Thomas Schaller – Watercolor Works Will Draw You In

Watercolors are a medium that become dreamy and soft the moment you put them on paper. Mastering a technique using watercolors can be a trick. Thomas Schaller has mastered this trick and it shows in the soul of Thomas Schaller watercolor paintings of architectural designs and landscapes.

Choose Watercolor Paper For Newbie Painter

For the beginner painter, to pick watercolor paper seems confusing and little bit hard to decide. It is because there are many quality of watercolor paper that available in market. If you are shopping for the paper you must consider two essential characteristics, weight and texture. By knowing those aspects, you’ll easily to select paper that suits for your art work.

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