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Use A Fine Art Oil Painting To Decorate Your Living Space

There are many good things towards buying fine art oil paintings for your home. For example, if one is taking on the almost painful and daunting task of refurbishing their home, then buying an oil painting can be a big help in the redecorating process. These beautiful pieces of art are breathtaking in just about any room of the house and your guests will be taken away at their beauty.

Four Techniques of Creating Custom Potter Pieces

All four of these ladies are artists. Their work is unique, their styles are different, their pieces are treasures, but they all begin with clay.

Finding the Perfect Flower Oil Painting For Your Home

If you have just moved houses then you may well find that you have a few blank walls just crying out for the perfect flower oil painting. However it is best not to rush into buying art as you want to get something that will give you pleasure for many years to come. A lot will depend on the room that you are buying the art for, and the furniture that it needs to work with.

Art Professor Career Tips

For those who enjoy flexible work hours and prefer a creative field of employment, the career of art professor has few rivals. Generally, the art professor teaches three studio courses, usually a fundamentals, an introductory sophomore course and lastly, an advanced course for intermediate and senior students. Although this profession is quite competitive, there are a number of steps to improve one’s chances of acquiring a position.

How to Make Your Product Line Retail-Ready

Are you a creative entrepreneur who is planning to design a line or collection? Planning is the key word here, because a lot of forethought goes into crafting winning designs which will stand out and be successful at retail. How to create a cohesive body of work with a signature style that will make an impact and really sell.

Why Use an American Render Studio

With costs of running a business soaring companies are considering going over seas to get their work done. Why should I use an American render studio opposed to a foreign studio? Isn’t it cheaper to go over seas?

How Creative Entrepreneurs Can Launch and Grow a Business

Are you an artist, or other creative who wants to turn your talents into a business? This is often challenging, since many creative entrepreneurs produce marketable work, but lack the business skills they need to run a profitable full-time business. If you are motivated, however, you can learn these skills and become successful. Here are some basic steps to getting a product line of your work ready for the marketplace.

The Guide Designed for a Newbie To Learn How To Draw Step By Step A Comic Book

When you decide that you are going to learn how to draw step by step you really need to stick to some fundamental guidelines. It will make your journey of learning how to draw much simpler.

What’s a Paper Trimmer?

We have a dwindling number of trees nowadays and this is quite troubling not only on our paper supply but for the environment as well. This is the reason why we are called to recycle paper every so often. Most of us are always reminded to use paper wisely and don’t waste them.

Artists Ask Questions About Art Marketing

Questions and answers to common art marketing questions. Topics include artist statements, resumes and other things an artist needs to have; artists and social media; balancing business, creative, and personal activities; common misperceptions about coaching and mentoring programs; and how the internet has affected the artist-gallery dynamic.

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