How To Draw Carnage Cletus Kasady | Sketch Tutorial

6 Ways Artists Can Influence Customers and Grow Sales

How artists and craftspeople can sharpen their sales skills and encourage interaction from their customers. This article tells how you can increase sales of your work by using sensory techniques, telling your story, and offering a high level of customer service.

Drawing and Sketching: Draw Like an Artist

When people first pick up a pencil and decide that they want to learn how to draw professional looking portraits and pictures, they often doubt that they will ever be able to draw like the pros. This is because most people label drawing as being a sort of natural talent. However…

The Beauty Of Art For Pleasure And Investment

When people stop and see a painting or some form of art, they do not think of it as becoming an investment. In fact, when most people think of an investment they think of a car of even something as big as a home. For those who are thinking about making a couple of purchases, this guide into the beauty of art for pleasure and investment will surely come in handy so get started.

Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor is a respected British sculptor of Indian-descent. Anish Kapoor has had an impressive career up to now, with many works on display in key art galleries and museums across the world. Kapoor’s strongest following is in his native Britain and also now in America where several installations have been produced.

Graphic Design Pricing – Important Factors to Consider

Graphic design pricing is a sticky issue. This article will take you to some of the factors that will help you determine how much your graphic design work should be worth.

Print Finishing

For those unfamiliar with the print and reproduction process, the term ‘print finishing’ refers to anything that is done to the printed materials after they have come out of the printer. Whilst this may sound like a relatively small area of the whole production process, it actually can involve a significant number of complex processes that truly make any printed material come to life.

Top Tips for Illustrating a Book

Writing a book can be lots of fun and can bring creativity and joy to the lives of those lucky enough to find the time, skill and energy to create manuscripts, short stories or children’s books. However, illustrating a book can be equally as appealing, particularly if you have a flair for visual art and imagery. If you are an artist who is considering branching into the world of book illustration, here are a very helpful hints and tips to help you on your way!

Great Theming Ideas

Coming up with theming ideas can be one of the fun aspects of planning a party, or event. You see, themes make for and provide a certain mood or colour of a party and can have a a huge impact on whether it’s a success or not.

Why You Should Be Blogging!

Blogging has become a way of life for some people. Their everyday life wouldn’t be complete without updating their very own place on the web and reading about what’s new with others. But can you blame them?

Always Ask For A Demo When Selecting An LED Video Screen Used For Outdoor Events

You’ll find a variety of things to take into account when picking out an LED Video Screen for an concert. Measurement, clarity, the volume of pixels etc. A Hi Res video screen is going to be much, much easier to see outdoor in the sunlight together with a much clearer image. The measurement and how long the setup is likely to take. Some expert services are extremely quick with their load-ins which keeps the total cost down. That may not always be the case with self installation.

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