How To Draw CAPTAIN MARVEL | Cartooning Club Tutorial

How To Create Your Own Inspirational Poster

Persuasive or inspiration posters can persuade you when you are feeling debilitated, discouraged or failing to offer the vigor to seek your objectives. You can buy a moving poster at a poster shop or claim to fame store; however you are frequently restricted to the determination of posters that are available to be purchased. One result is to make your rousing posters utilizing specialty materials.

Typography 101 for Logo Designers – Hints and Tips

Good typography makes a huge difference to your logo designs and, in fact, any kind of communication. Learning typography enables you to see things that you were once not able to see.

Dye Sublimation and Laser Printing – Can Both Print Cloth Fabric Banners

Question: I was told by a vendor that dye sublimate printing is the same as laser printing. Is this true? Answer: If by laser printing, they were referring to inkjet printing, the answer would be partially yes, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Inkjet printers are generally known to print such items as vinyl (PVC) banners, vinyl stickers, and even fabric that has been treated to accept ink. However, this is not dye sublimation printing, or dye sub printing for short. Dye sub printing, as stated within the name, uses dye, not ink, a subtle but meaningful difference as they have completely different functions.

Cuban Poster Art

In the “golden era” of Cuban poster art, thousands of posters were printed and many of them have become collectors’ items. This is the second in a series of articles about Cuban art.

Brand Vs Brand Identity and Logo Design

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the terms Branding and your Logo Design. I’m here to tell you that: your visual identity is not your brand; neither is your logo a brand identity.

How Ink Works in Inkjet Printing Versus Dye in Dye Sublimation Printing

In an ongoing process to educate my readers, first let me say this is a good question, though I’m going to spend a bit of time on the terminology of dye sub printing. The first term is the term ink. Now, to the eye, ink and dye appear pretty much the same. They are both liquid, and both are printed using an inkjet printer. In our industry, the printers are usually wide format, maxing out currently around about 124 inches, or just over 10 feet.

Getting Half of the Job Done With an Illustration Agent

The world of illustrators revolves around art, creativity, and originality. Most illustrators start the day, trying to gather themselves and search for that creative and artistic mood before getting their materials. The mood is important for artists, and most of the time, they just sit on their corner without wanting to be disturbed and bothered as they concentrate on their work. This is why most illustrators consider hiring an illustration agent.

What to Do With Your Wedding Flowers

You seem to spend so long planning your wedding, making sure everything is perfect. Ensuring you have the right dress, the perfect bridal bouquet and other floral decorations all to match.

How to Screen or Digitally Print Vinyl Banners

I have received several questions regarding vinyl (flexible PVC) banners that I am going to answer over the next few articles. The first is, “What type of paint does one use on vinyl banners?” The answer is that we don’t use “paint” per se on vinyl banners, although there may be some craft type stores that sell such a product. Coming from the commercial side of vinyl banners, though, there are about three main methods to print banners.

Digital Graffiti Wall: Technology Meets Street Art

Thanks to digital graffiti walls, anyone can become a street artist. Just grab a digital spray can!

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