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Oil Painting Lessons – Tips for Learning to Oil Paint

As a beginning oil painter you will want to hone your skills in learning to draw. This will ultimately take your paintings to a newer level as your drawing skill improves.

How to Oil Paint Landscape Scenes

The first thing in painting a landscape painting is your subject. Choose a scene that you like such as a lake view or a field of flowers or even a cottage set in the woods. Once your subject is chosen then it is time to decide your canvas size.

The Economical Exploitation of Artists After Their Death Using the Example of Gustav Klimt

People usually have pictures in their head if they think of painters but in fact famous painters pass as an industry. This article analyzes this facts using Gustav Klimt as an example.

Considering An Oil Painting Art

Choosing artwork for your home can be a very overwhelming task. There are many things to consider including the size, colors, type of art, and taste. Because there seem to be many pitfalls and it seems easy to purchase the wrong piece, many people avoid buying any art.

Peter Max – The World Famous Artist

Peter Max started his childhood fleeing Nazi Germany in 1938. They escaped the Holocaust to Changhai, China where they lived for the next ten years. Their home overlooked a Buddhist temple, where Peter would observe monks painting calligraphic images with bamboo brushes on rice paper.

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