What Art Easel Is Best for Your Style of Painting?

If you are a beginning artist, you may have found it confusing deciding on the right art easel to use for your painting style and work space. Following is a summary of what to look for to help you make the best choice.

Easy Paint Your Own Pottery Ideas – Spots and Dots Designs

Teapots, mugs, plates covered in spots and dots are extremely stylish and popular at the moment. Emma Bridgewater has her Polka Dot design and visit any household section of department stores you will see lots of spotty and dotty pottery designs. But did you know there are several very simple ways suitable for all ages and abilities to of paint your own pottery with a dotty or spotty design.

Learning to Watercolor – Preferred Tools of a Watercolorist

It is easy to begin painting in watercolor with a limited supply of tools sold in arts and crafts supply stores. But, art students aspiring to become watercolorists require artists’ quality professional grade watercolor paints, paper and equipment. Here is a list of the preferred tools for a watercolorist.

Pablo Picasso – Pioneer of Cubism

For me, the first magazine reproduction of Cubist paintings came as a shock. The brilliance of this new way of looking was at once clear to my 14-year-old eye. I didn’t like the pictures, but I recognised their validity as a way of telling us about painting objects, even a person, as objects. My mother’s face could be placed on the paper in just the same way as a piece of fruit or a toybox. Every physical item could be broken down into the simple shapes we learned about in Geometry class.

How to Select an Oil Painting Online?

Arts painting collections are more and more popular to people all over the world, original oil paintings have never lost their preeminent position as a prized possession for any art collector. More and more people like to choose the prefect canvas painting for home decorations.It is grace and fashion.

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