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How to Select A Graphic Designer

Everyone wants their product to be seen by and entice many customers. But how do you differentiate yourself above competitors?

Using Art To Make A Difference

The audio method uses music to create that peaceful environment that the artist wants. Inner peace would be achieved after the exterior peace has prevailed.

Basic Information on Wall Graphics and Decals

Question: Do wall stick-ons damage walls? Answer: Do guns kill people? The only way wall stick-ons (more commonly called wall stickers or wall decals) will damage your wall is if you don’t follow the instructions for installing or removing them. Basically, to prevent wall damage from wall stickers, simply make sure your walls are freshly painted or degreased before applying your wall decals, then, when you take them off, if needed, use a hair dryer or heat gun to help the glue to release cleanly from the wall.

Installation of Wall Decals and Correct Decal or Sticker Sizing Methods

Question: How easy is it to install Wall Decals? Answer: Well, that will depend on the size of the decal and the composition of the wall as well as the type of paint and texture applied to the wall. If a wall is painted with a standard flat finish enamel over a textured finish, it is very porous, which will make installation pretty simple, even if your graphics are quite large. Of course, if you do have large graphics, you will need at least two sets of hands to help you install the wall graphic so it doesn’t fold over on itself.

How to Draw a Turtle Step by Step

Drawing is a fun thing to do and is among the most interesting things for both children and adults. Children particularly have the curiosity of knowing how to draw the different things among the most interesting being the different kinds of animals.

How Long to Wait Before Applying Decals on Newly Painted Walls – Can Wall Decals Be Re-Applied?

Question: I just painted my walls. How long should I wait before applying my new decals? Answer: First, it will depend on what type of paint you used. Latex paint takes up to 30 days to cure, although we’ve put wall decals on walls that have been painted less than a week. However, in our professional opinion, it would be better to wait 30 days. If, on the other hand, you are using an oil-based paint (not common in most areas nowadays), you can apply vinyl graphics or decals or stickers within a week or so, as oil paints dry from the outside in.

Removing Vinyl Letters and Decals From Vehicles and/or Walls

Question: How do I remove vinyl lettering that has been on my vehicle for a couple of years? Answer: There are a couple of types of vinyl used on vehicles. The first is a plotter cut vinyl that usually has an acrylic adhesive bonding the vinyl to the vehicle. There are varying grades of adhesives used on this type of vinyl, and most often it is referred to as a “permanent adhesive,” but there is a variety in the quality of glue used, and how well it releases from your vehicle when you’re ready to remove this type of vinyl.

A Brief History of Graphic Design and Its Evolution: Key Elements of Effective Design

Graphic design is an art form that often is taken for granted but has actually shaped the landscape of popular culture with iconic design through the years. We will discuss some of the key eras for graphic design and what makes each one unique!

Graphic Design and Simplicity

Everywhere we turn there are always plenty of options to choose from and yet while bartering with all this information it’s always comforting to know there are still very creative people who appreciate simplicity. Simplicity in communication, simplicity in graphic design, and simplicity in websites, not to say your projects should be boring and simple, that is never the case. But you must constantly be aware that whatever you’re designing unless it’s a personal painting or lyrics about your own personal struggles, your content is mainly for your audience to people who will be experiencing the product you have made.

Won ABC – Mysterious German Writer

Won ABC is a pioneer graffiti artist in Germany, who has contributed a lot in street culture, modern art and publishing. Learn more about his art activity in the following article.

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