How to Draw Bowls – Drawing for Beginners

Things You Should Know About Pop Art Paintings History

Pop art was an artistic movement that represented a strong shift from the influence of the abstract expressionism. Pop art paintings brought an original form of making art by introducing techniques of commercial art and everyday life illustrations.

Vincent Van Gogh, the Tragic Story of a Brilliant Painter

The life of Vincent van Gogh can be called tragic at the least. This short story tells the higlights…

Technique of Water Color Painting WC05 PAPER

Two sorts of watercolor papers. These are Saunders ‘Waterford’ Rough – hand made weight 638g/sqm – 300lb. I buy it in its standard size sheet of 762mm x 559 mm (30 x 22 inches.) and or: Bockinford machine made watercolor paper. This has a Not pressed surface – this latter is useful too for most other types of work.

The Painter’s Brush

Painters need two kinds of brushes. One is stiff and the other is soft. A painter usually has a range of sizes for both types of brushes.

Technique of Watercolor Paintings: WC10 Exhibitions

There is no doubt the first exhibition is a great liberating experience. It is the culmination of a dream ambition and it is difficult to know this has at last been realized even when it is actually happening. The first gallery show is one that will never be forgotten.

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