How to Draw Bottles – Drawing for Beginners

Technique of Watercolor Painting: WC07 PLANNING

Plan or not to Plan? The outcome of the painting will be vitally affected by the decision to either plan the work or starting head down without any idea how the painting will finish.

Technique of Water Color Painting WC06 PAINTS

Pigment is the first unprepared vital basic raw ingredient in all paints. Pigment is simply color. There are no specific watercolor pigments or oil pigments. Pigment is derived from natural substances such as rocks earth shells animals plants and chemicals. Some pigments are simulations of natural pigment substances.

Technique of Watercolor Painting WC04 TOOLS

A painter’s main Tool Box plus a number of smaller boxes are needed for all your tools so they can be found quickly.

Affordable Paintings: Art Prints Buying Guide

The fastest way to bring beauty and style to a room is to put up prints of beautiful paintings. Here’s what you should consider:

Acrylic Paints are Different From Oil Painting

Another advantage to acrylic paint is that it dries much faster than oil paint usually overnight. If you’re working on a painting that needs to be done on time, that’s important.

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