Edgar Degas Paintings

Edgar Degas was a stylish artist who sits somewhere between realism and impressionism but it was probably his choice of content as much as his style which helped to make him so popular. This article looks in the reasons for why Edgar Degas paintings are so popular currently, with reproductions of the best to be found right across the world in the homes of his biggest fans.

The Secret Investment World of Art

Over the last 150 years, Art as an investment, has out-performed bonds, and has produced returns essentially the same as the S & P 500; about 10% compounded annually. The best performing segments of the art market over the last 50 years have been Impressionism & Modern Art. Today’s investor’s see art like they might see gold- a tangible, hard asset that can perform well in inflationary conditions and can hedge against currency risks. So, why are portfolio experts not talking about art?

The Three Best Affordable Acrylic Paint Any Level Artist Can Use To Create Beautiful Paintings

If you are searching for the best inexpensive acrylic paint that works just as well as the acrylic paint used by professional artists, I encourage you to try the three that I mentioned in this article. There are several others out there but I have found these three acrylic to work well for me. To find out which three inexpensive acrylic paints works wells for any level artist read the full article here.

How to Commission a Horse Portrait From an Equine Artist

Would you like a beautifully painted portrait of your favourite horse to hang on your wall? Here are some tips on commissioning a horse portrait from an equine artist.

How to Use Color to Create Atmosphere in a Painting

Atmosphere is the general tone of a piece of art, it can evoke an emotion when viewing the different changes in the weather. An example of weather change which changes the atmosphere would be, Rain; Snow; Mist; Fog; Clouds etc.

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