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How to Frame and Stretch an Oil Painting

Whether you are an artist, an art dealer, or simply a flea market enthusiast, chances are you will eventually need to learn how to frame a painting yourself. You will save money doing it yourself since professional framing services can be quite expensive.

Exploring Craft Kits

Art is becoming very popular amongst many people as a hobby and enjoyable pastime. Working with your favourite materials and creating projects in the home are growing in popularity due to the ease of sourcing hobby/craft supplies.

Using The Color Wheel To Help Your Watercolors

Having some basic knowledge of the color wheel when painting a watercolor can be very helpful. Color can change the mood of a painting, making a dark overcast day turn bright and colorful or anything in between. There are several different palettes to consider.

Digital Art and Abstract Art Prints

You can purchase Digital Art and Abstract Art Prints in many art stores online. Most art prints are relatively inexpensive, but resemble the original to a great degree.

How To Paint A Watercolor From A Photograph

At times it is not possible to paint from real life, and using photographs becomes a useful option. For instance if you want to paint a bird in flight, using a photo may be your best option. You will be able to capture the graceful movement of the flying bird, while using your own creativity to develop an artistic background.

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