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Steps on How to Stretch Canvas for Oil Painting

Not all stretch canvas oil paintings are sold in frames. They are rolled up and packed. So you have to learn how to stretch canvas for oil painting and this requires patience and concentration to get it right. In this article let me explain how to go about stretching canvas on to a frame in a methodical manner.

Art Supplies Are Enough To Spark A Lifelong Interest

This article describes all the different kinds of art supplies that are available on the internet. It also goes on to show that even recycled materials are used more these days which helps people stay as green as they want to.

Critical Oil Painting Facts

Do you want to become an artist? Do you feel you would specialize in oil painting? Are you aware of all the oil painting facts? Do you know how valuable some of the oil painting masterpieces are? Well, if you are aware of all the answers, then well and good.

Retro T-Shirts – Vintage Soviet Propaganda

The influence of early Soviet poster propaganda on the design of some “contemporary” Retro and Vintage T- shirts is not difficult to spot. These Soviet artists left a powerful legacy and a great wealth of graphic styles, interesting typography and communication techniques. Shortly after the Russian revolution of 1917, the Soviet Union adopted views and attitudes radically different from those of the other major powers at the time. Not only was their outlook on politics totally unique for the period, but the way this new regime presented itself to the public and the outside world was also breaking new ground – particularly in its poster art. For a time the Soviet graphic designers borrowed from the art forms which were becoming popular in the West – futurism, surrealism, cubism, the new avant garde modernist art movements…

Retro Tees and Vintage T-Shirts – When Size Really Does Matter

A quick bit of surfing on the internet in search of Retro T-shirts or Vintage Tees websites, will throw up an amazing number of suppliers. Some cheap, some expensive, some with a handful to choose from, others with hundreds. The quality of so-called Retro T-shirt graphics is just as disparate, ranging from the sublime to the yawn-inspiring. So what’s good and what’s bad? Let’s start with the bad. A fairly common sin of the designer (particularly one more familiar with a keyboard than a brush) and T-shirt manufacturers, is sloth. Some simply “lift” an image that catches their eye from an old archive somewhere, reduce it to a fraction of the original size, and plop it on the front of a T-shirt blank. An easy to do, lazy option – not really in the spirit of Retro. They’ve forgotten that the pure essence of Retro-art (or Vintage style).

Mural Art – Why I Like to Paint BIG, Why Murals Are Positive Elements in the Communities

Mural Art can define time. All of our ancestors participated in mural arts. They used murals to describe history, events, timelines, possible future events, maps to the heavens, sacred rituals etc. Mural art is empowering, it takes the subject matter to the very edge of bringing it to actual life because of the magnitude of its size.

Selecting and Collecting Original Art

Talk to a collector of original art and ask how that person selected a painting, piece of sculpture, pottery. Ask: “how did you select your art?” Most people answer: “Because I liked it. I only buy what I like.”

Pencil Portrait Drawing – Tips For Getting Started

Pencil portrait drawing is an exciting art, and with even a little artistic talent drawing in pencil can be learned through practice. Just as with most things, “practice makes perfect.” Here are some tips for getting started.

Jack Humphrey – A Canadian Artist

I came across Jack Humphrey’s work accidentally and was quite taken by his rugged and honest style. I found his work quite captivating. Jack Humphrey was a Canadian Artist who spent time in his early career to master the techniques of watercolour and draughtsmanship.

Themes, Passions, and Inspirations: The Art of Thomas Brunger

Thomas (Tom) Brunger’s artwork has been admired and respected by collectors, museums, and critics throughout his career. Tom started painting in small room inside his home until his inspiration and creativity gradually filled the house with canvases and sculptures. He is now ensconced in a studio on the historic North Side of Pittsburgh.

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