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Western Painting Style – Hard-Edge – Precisely Classic and Unique

The Concept Hard-Edge Painting is a word, coined to describe the ‘Abstract Art’ of geometric orientation. The style lays stress on the depiction of indefinite shapes in vivid colors. It is a style of painting, involving precision and clarity. Crisp demarcations between colored areas mark the Hard-edge art style. The transition in colors mostly occurs along straight lines. However sometimes, color areas with curvilinear edges are also observed in this style. Although, the style was extremely popular in California initially, the Hard-edge art style spread widely in the 1960s.

Western Painting – Body Painting – A Contemporary Yet Ancient Style of Being a Canvas

The origin of body painting is unknown, but its use has been widespread – sometimes as an art form, sometimes as a part of tradition, and the other times, as a necessity. The evidence of body painting is found in ancient practices across various cultures and remains a popular fashion statement in the present times. There is no set style or technique for body painting. It can be a localized design or a fuller one, covering the entire body in some cases. The color pigments used can be natural or synthetic.

Watercolor Flowers – Painting a Rose

When learning to paint flowers in watercolor, initially choose a flower with very few petals or even choose a bud that shows a predominant large piece of petal – as opposed to a flower with numerous petals. Multiple petals can be overwhelming and feel like a maze to paint.

How to Make a Successful Acrylic Painting

Before the Barbizon School and the Impressionists promoted the idea of painting on location or ‘En plein air’ most artists would work in the studio. While initial sketches and even some painting was done outside, the majority of the work was completed in-doors. Using acrylics in a hot climate necessitates a return to this method of working, and thanks to the technology that is now at our disposal contemporary artists can avoid prolonged spells in an inhospitable climate and work in the relative comfort of the studio.

How to Enlarge Images For Watercolors, Drawings, Or Paintings Using a Grid

When you do art for fun or for profit, it is inevitable that you will come across an image you need to enlarge. Whether you are painting a mural on the side of a two story building, or just a pencil drawing on typing paper, here is a pretty simple way to do it.

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