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Witches of the Wild Wild West Art: A Hey-How for Halloween!

Samhain (Pronounced Sa-wen- Gaelic rocks!) is one of four medieval Gaelic festivals. It marks the end of the harvest and is still celebrated today by Pagans and Wiccans as one of the four big Gaelic Sabbaths. It’s also still considered in Celtic cultures as the Celtic New Year.

Drawing and Painting Using the ‘Picture Plane’ To See Perspective and Foreshortening

The ‘Picture Plane’ explained. This is a very simple concept but makes drawing or painting anything in perspective much easier. Plus three great exercises to practice.

Not All In The Mind

Could it be that we create our own world through our perceptions and our responses to our surroundings? It has been said that one has complete control over the world and one’s own life when one completely accepts what is going on without fighting it or judging or feeling that it should be different in some way. In this sense whatever we see or whatever takes place is not happening in conflict with a mind that is fluid and simply observing. Easier said than done in a busy, modern world? However, a meditative approach to everyday life is definitely possible.

Vanity and Arts

You know when someone is happy within, she is blooming. Whatever that really means we can just tell that there is a glow in her skin, there is a positive change in her aura, or simply put she is beautiful when compared before.

Pet Portrait Pointers – Learn The Subtle Tricks Of Oil Painting

I have learned, when doing my pet portraits, that oil paintings have a luster and glow that cannot be matched by other works of art. Place an oil painting next to, for instance, a painting done with something like acrylics, and this will become plain to see. Here are some things you should remember when using oil in paintings.

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