How To Draw A Woodpecker Bird

Must Do Safety Tips to Avoid Face Painting Dangers

Face painting is known as a lighthearted activity, it is a common practice for children and adults alike. This tradition dates back thousands of years, but today it is used for fun to express, celebrate, or mark an event. Although it is often a light-hearted activity, caution should be taken nonetheless.

Vincent Van Gogh, Death by Bullying?

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous and celebrated of all artists, with paintings such as ‘The Starry Night’, ‘Cafe Terrace at Night’ and ‘Sunflowers’ just a small example of the paintings he is known for throughout the world. Vincent Van Gogh is of course also well known for his madness, his bouts of mental illness that led him to famously cutting off his ear and suicide. But was it really suicide or was it murder?

How to Choose a Brush for Watercolor Painting

Before we begin, let me say why I’m writing this. Your question is important and needs an answer as soon as possible, early in the game. As the violin is to the concert violinist, the brush is to you, the watercolorist. It’s your personal fine instrument. Yes, paint and paper also play big roles in watercolor, but your brush is absolutely first and foremost. The watercolor paper is only your second most important tool. Paper can be likened to the acoustics of the concert hall, how well it responds to your violin’s sound, friendly or not.

Beginning Artists – Acrylic Vs Oil

I’ll just let you know first that I use Acrylic. When I started thinking about getting into painting, I fortunately had a little background as my older brother had dabbled abit in his day. He however used oil, and to this day swears by painting in oil. So under his tutelage I learned a little bit about the differences between oil and acrylic paints. After careful discernment of the words from my teacher and taking what I’ve learned by trial and error, I have chose Acrylic as my main source of paint medium.

2 Tips For Painting Lips

It’s worth spending a major effort to get lips down right; they’re a big part of a face’s “likeness”. John Singer Sargent famously defined a portrait as, a painting of a face in which there’s a little something wrong with the mouth. That is, wrong with the lips. Further, brain scientists confirm what portrait artists should already know; humans have an incredible ability to discern one face from another. We can recognize the face of a friend from twenty years earlier. The slightest nuance makes an enormous difference; witness the ability of husbands and wives to distinguish even identical twins. Perhaps curiously, no facial feature is more telling than the mouth. Thus, we first need to put that mouth in the right place and, second, we need to give it the right shapes. Throughout this exercise, working with these two general tips, I suggest you work with your own face in a mirror, if possible. You’re your own best model!

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