How To Draw A Snake – Cobra – Advanced

How To Speed Up Your Art Learning

When you start as a beginner there are so many things to learn and everything seems so difficult to do right. No doubt your expectations will be high and not unnaturally you will find your first attempts at drawing and painting disappointing. Quite likely you want to speed up the learning process. As an art beginner is there any way to do so?

12 Steps Leading To Your Artistic Success

Being an artist can be what you want it to be. Here you will find 12 steps that will help you on your way towards achieving some or all of the artistic success you want. Whatever you think right now, if you are determined you can turn your love of art into a rewarding hobby or a career as a professional artist.

Make It Your Own Painting

Do you imagine your painting posted on the wall of an art gallery and everybody loves it? I do and I know that for those who loves to paint they also dream about this happening.

What Are Pencil Drawing Techniques For If You Don’t Have the Right Equipment?

People often find for various pencil drawing techniques just to improve their skills. But people should note that these techniques will be useless without the right equipment. It is true that we often find so many spectacular scenes that usually inspire us to produce wonderful artworks, even though a lot less in comparison.

Does Your Artwork Give You Away? Creative Genius, Manically Depressing, and Tormented Minds

The other day, I talked with a creative genius, someone who was academically inclined with a Bachelor’s Degree in acoustics, and also an incredible artist. To top off all that he had honed his skills in the digital rendering world of 3-D as well. When he showed me a brief collection of his work, merely 1/100th of it, I was blown away, truly magnificent stuff. We then talked about his art, and art in general – then we went online to see similar take-offs along similar themes.

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