How to Draw a Smile with Teeth

Fully Narrated! How to draw a toothy smile from scratch. It all starts with a simple shape. I will even show you how to draw all the teeth step-by-step and how to shade and blend them as well.

A smiling mouth is a little tricky to draw, especially when teeth are involved, so it does take some practice to be able to grasp. Don’t give up and keep trying until you succeed!

If you want to learn how to draw a smile where the lips are closed, let me know in the comment section!

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How to make a Blending Stump:
How to shade (learn about light):
How to draw lips (includes lip wrinkles):

HB Pencil –
Canson Drawing Paper – (Try Canson Bristol Vellum, for super smooth drawings –
Prismacolor Kneadable Eraser –
Mono Eraser –
Blending Stump –
SmudgeGuard Glove –

Intro – 0:00
Tools – 0:19
Construction Lines – 0:40
Lips – 1:37
Teeth – 3:36
Shading Lips – 13:43
Shading Inside Mouth – 21:15
Shading Gums – 21:51
Shading Teeth – 22:49
Blending Teeth – 29:06
Highlighting Teeth – 30:54
Blending Everything Else – 34:07
Removing Blemishes – 36:48
Final Touchups – 37:20
Slideshow of Lip Drawing Process – 38:26

Overhead Camcorder for Tutorials (Canon Vixia HF R400):
Overhead Camcorder Mount:
Camera for every other angle (Sony a 5000):
Portrait Lens:
Macro (Closeup) Lens:
Light Bulbs:


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