How to Draw a Roll of Tape – Drawing for Beginners

Oil Painting With No Paint Brush

A paintbrush is certainly the most commonly used tool in oil painting. But that does not necessarily imply that paint brushes are indispensable for oil painting.

Watercolor – Learning and Choosing the Basic Materials in Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting belongs to what is referred to as the water media. This kind of art media refers to any paintings that use water as a solvent painting.

Acrylic – Experimenting With Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are known to be fast-drying paints. This lends credence to the quickest hands. Therefore, it is necessary that the artist must have a general layout before starting in order to mix and match colors faster.

Watercolor – Basic Watercolor Painting Methods and Techniques

Watercolor painting is not only interesting but also challenging for it requires great skill and knowledge of the quality of water to understand how water and color form an art. Mixing color and water may look simple, but it is not; for techniques in watercolor painting are typical only to this medium. Oil and acrylic paints for instance have the quality of being able to stay exactly where these are applied unlike water which is complex and active that one must have a good understanding of the how water behaves and how to control it.

Acrylic Painting – Some Tips on Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting would be much easier of one knows of the basic knowledge on choosing the right kind, shape and size of the brush, knowing the characteristics of acrylic paints and how to apply and control the application of these paints. The Brushes. The important thing to remember though is that most oil painting brushes can also be used for acrylic paintings. With modernization though, numerous brushes emerged in the markets which are typically for acrylic painting and most of these now come in the form of non toxic brushes.

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