How To Draw a Realistic White Beard – BEST Technique to Draw White Hair

Why Storyboard Artists Commonly Turned to Pornographic Magazines for Reference Material

When I arrived on my first day I was astonished to see numerous pornographic magazines casually littering the desks. I’m not prudish by nature and it’s not as if my time at art school was anything but an eye opener; I was all geared up ready to impress and thought I had it all figured out, but this truly threw my focus.

Cool Widescreen Desktop Wallpaper

Since the internet technology developed more and more, people tend to use their computer more frequently so they need to relax somehow while staying for hours in front of their laptop or personal computer. How can they do that? By using a wonderful wallpaper for their desktop.

Use Amazing Wallpapers

With that latest improvements in technology, internet is now being used by millions of people all around the world. That’s because it offers unlimited possibilities of finding information and entertaining ourselves in so many ways. Due to its accessibility and uncountable resources, now everything can be achieved simpler and faster.

How to Get Out of an Art Slump – Tips For Being Inspired

Here are 5 great tips that you can use immediately to get inspired. They are tried and proven to work by many of the world’s greatest artists. The author is an internationally acclaimed artist.

What to Expect of Free Art Tutorials

There probably isn’t an Art topic that you can’t Google or can’t YouTube and not find either a free tutorial or an article about. I have done my fair share of searching, for instance I have looked for:

Suggestions On Caricature And Portrait Drawing

When you’re learning how to draw people, you may want to base your knowledge on portrait drawing, or perhaps on caricatures or manga cartoons. However, to start with it really is a good idea to learn to draw people in the most basic of concept and then go on to specialising your talent. So how do you illustrate?

Looking for Entertaining Images

Nowadays, internet technology has a great impact on us, making our lives easier with the huge amount of information that it offers and with its unlimited options. When it comes to entertainment, the possibilities are uncountable too. Movies, music, games.

Desktop Wallpaper Photos

Have you ever looked for a wallpaper for your desktop? Did you know that it can cheer you up in a matter a seconds? Well, this has been proved by the millions of people that are using them. Wallpapers’ popularity has grown more and more during the last decade because the alternatives are overwhelming and the best thing is that you can download them for free.

Colourful Entertaining Images

Photographs are one of the few ways available for us to immortalize moments in our life. Whether you’re talking about happy, funny and even sad ones, pictures are an important part in our life.

What Does Your Desktop Look Like?

Everybody who frequently uses the computer cares about how its desktop background looks like. And also, the search for an appropriate desktop wallpaper is always fun and entertaining; for it helps you discover the most recently added pictures and wallpapers, allowing you to download the ones you like most and share them with others.

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