How To Draw A Realistic Wasp

Watercolors – Learn to Paint Ocean Scenes With Watercolors

Painting an ocean is a challenging job. Even if you are staying away from the sea shore, painting an ocean will provide you with an opportunity to develop your own painting skills. When you complete your artwork in this subject you will have a beautiful painting which can be displayed in your house or it is ideal for gifting purpose. The numbers of things you will require are Stiff board, Masking Tape, Pencil, Eraser, Paper, Colors, Large and small Painting brush, Paper Towels.

Acrylic Paints – Are They Suitable For the Fabrics?

People do not prefer the acrylic paints on the fabrics as they become very stiff when we use them. There is a Silkscreen gel available which will make the texture of the fabric soft and more elastic which will blend with the durability of harder paints and also balance will work well.

Acrylic Paint – Why it is Better Compared to Oil Paint

Acrylic painting is becoming a very popular painting media in 21st century. The best feature of this painting medium is that it gets dried up very fast. It contains pigment, which is dissolved in an acrylic polymer emulsion.

Western Painting – Post-Painterly Abstraction: the Painters and Their Classic Masterpieces

Post-Painterly Abstraction – The Concept Western American Painting done in 1950s was also called as Post-Painterly Abstraction. ‘Post-Painterly Abstraction’ is a popular term, the famous art critic Clement Greenberg created, as a fitting title for an art exhibition in the year 1964. The associated painters exploited the physical openness of design, in coherence with ‘unmodulated’ colors.

Western Painting – Postmodernism – History and Examples

The Details Postmodernism enlightened the sophisticated and civilized realities, concentrating especially on the social and political novelties, specifically in the West. Postmodernism started in West since 1960s, centered on the elements, such as East, North of South, etc. Each element of the artworks had infinite boundaries, embracing the other elements also. Due to this process, Postmodernism transpired in not only West, but also the whole world. Postmodernists maneuvered the images and the materials.

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