How To Draw A Pumpkin Patch With Overlapping

Graphic Design – Inspiration Vs Desperation

Within the last 30 years visual communication has evolved dramatically – even the diction has changed. Knowledge of this trade was expressed in terms of lineart, halftones and pmt, now being replaced with bitmap, pixels and files.

Get Print-Ready! Kill Fuzzy Fonts! Your Guide to Print Ready Documents!

So you have just got some printing done, lets say for example is a brochure and you get your brochure back and it looks like a scene from the movie “Attack of the Fuzzy Fonts.” What can you do to stop this happening?! Read on and I will tell you.

Litho Printing Vs Digital Printing

Paper and other related materials are still widely used even if portable media devices and computers are becoming more popular. It is what makes printed media possible and it comes in a lot of forms where you can see all sorts of interesting designs with flashy colors or informative text. It is quite easy to print these types of media on paper if you have a printer but that only covers the basics.

Top 10 Car Drawing Books For Beginner Artists

So you are interested in becoming an expert at drawing and painting the cars? You have certainly found the right place! I thought it would be a good idea to find the best resources and information on figure drawing and put it all together for you in one easy location for easy reference. Below are what I feel to be, some of the best resources for helping you learn how to draw cars.

Make Your Own Comic Book – 3 Steps to Failure

This tongue in cheek article deals with the art of how not to make a comic book. If you enjoy reading funny articles then this is for you. Follow along with the 3 easy steps to make sure your comic book never sees the light of day.

What If Your Passion Was Artful?

We are tired of hearing this from our parents and anyone who claims to care about us. Do not pursue any artistic endeavor because you will get nothing out of it. Art is just not something practical is it? It is a nice hobby at best to kill time.

Portrait Painting – The Human Face or The Clown Face

Portrait Painting will take many years to master; it cannot be learned overnight. And this is difficult for those of us who are in the habit of striking a computer key on our keyboard and see instant answers on the computer screen. Just as a good wine or a steak needs to be aged, likewise our skills need constant practice until we are refined to produce masterpieces as good as or better than famous portrait artists.

Graphic Design For Beginners

You don’t have to waste thousands of dollars and years in a classroom to get your graphic design career on the move. The best way to learn something is from someone who applies the skills you want to learn in their everyday life.

Best Ways to Advertise Your Art

Being an artist is tough in this economy. As the economy shrinks, more people are skipping out on spending money on extra expenses like art and other luxuries that they might have bought. One of the best ways to improve the sales on your art is advertising. But, how can an artist in today’s market promote their work more effectively?

Can We Judge a Human’s Intelligence By the Type of Downloaded Images on Their Computer?

The other day, I was waiting for my Frappachino at the Starbucks pickup counter, and there was a girl in the corner who was talking to her friend, and her laptop was displaying her screensaver full of a gallery of pictures she had collected. Having nothing better to do, I began watching as every 4 to 5 seconds a new picture would come on the screen. The pictures were very cool, and they were designs, pictures of various things, mixed with family photos, and cool vacation pictures.

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