How To Draw A Monkey – Preschool

Art Can Transform The Artist

Ask most artists why they create art and you will find that their answer is often that they do not have the option to not create art. It is as much a part of their livelihood as breathing.

The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell

One of the only glimpses into both the life and art of Norman Rockwell. 2 of his best paintings are discussed in detail — while 5 memorable dates and events within his life lead to the article author’s point of view. Originally written as a college paper, the author hopes this article will allow others to muster up much-deserved appreciation for the painter, Norman Rockwell.

Artist As a Messenger Of a Wondrous Light

I believe that consciously or unconsciously deep longing lives in every human heart. One may call it the longing for the lost paradise. This longing may awaken when one listens to beautiful music, which touches one’s heart deep down. And in such moments one feels awakened once again from the hopeless and depressing boredom and greyness of everyday life. This blessed state of consciousness usually lasts only for few seconds and since it is very subtle experience, tends to easily disappear. But it hints that there is some source of light, which enlivens and refreshes human hearts. All real artists appear to me as messengers of this wondrous light.

Cultivating Creativity – Part X

Here are four steps to take on the road to showing and selling your artwork. Start with these steps and you will be setting yourself up for success in the art world.

Making Artists’ Paints in the Days Before Ready-Mixed Paint in Tubes

Imagine yourself into the skin of the teenage Leonardo. It is 1468 and you’re sixteen years old. You’re sweating away in the studio of your Master, Andrea del Verrocchio. The famous painter is a friend of your father and has accepted you as a pupil. Under way on the easel, a picture of Jesus being baptised has your fingers itching to lay colours on the canvas. You’re determined to prove yourself worthy but apprentices must learn many skills before the Master will let them loose on a painting. One of the hardest, yet most important of these jobs is…

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