How to Draw a Male Eye | Using Cheap Supplies

Learn how to draw a realistic eye using easy step-by-step instructions. This is a simplified version of my previous eye drawing tutorial, but for a male eye. In this video, I start with a trapezoid shape to make the construction process painless. I talk about where/how to tweak your eye to make it appear more masculine.

UPDATE: Here’s part 2 (Eyebrow Tutorial):

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– How to make a KNEADED ERASER:
– How to make a blending stump:
– How to shade (learn about light):
– How to draw male and female facial features:
– How to draw a realistic eye (Version 1. More detailed iris):
– How to draw a pair of eyes:
– How to draw closed eyes:

– Dollarstore Mechanical Pencil (Studio brand) that comes with 0.5mm 2B Lead
– Facial Tissue by Scotties:
– Prismacolor Kneadable Eraser:
– SmudgeGuard Glove:

00:00 – Intro
00:11 – Tools
02:36 – Upper Eyelid Crease
03:18 – Caruncula Boundary Line
03:31 – Iris
04:58 – Pupil
05:42 – Highlight/Reflection

06:30 – Pupil Shading
06:55- Iris Shading
10:20 – Optional Iris Detailing
11:40 – Caruncula Shading
12:53 – Eyeball Shading
16:44 – Optional Eyeball Veins
17:29 – Lower Eyelid Shading
20:32 – Upper Eyelid Shading

26:04 – BLENDING

32:05 – Bottom Eyelashes
36:08 – Upper Eyelashes

38:38 – Final Touchups
41:12 – Eyebrow Prep
41:30 – Slideshow of the Entire Process

42:03 – NEW! Bloopers

Overhead Camera and Lens (Sony A6500):
Video Capture Card:
Overhead Camera Crane:
Camera + lens for Macro Closeups from the side (Sony a 5000):


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