How To Draw A Lunar New Year Tiger

Art Reproductions – How to Find the Best Kind For Your Home

There are a number of different places that you can go to today when it comes to art reproductions. However, if you want something that is going to be worth the money, then you should search for the right kind of place. It does take a certain amount of talent to replicate art as well and unless you are well versed with it, you might be unable to find something that is actually worth the money you are paying for it.

Which is the Best Brand of Oil Paint to Use?

This is one of those questions that cannot be seriously answered in it’s current form. In this article I re-phrase the question to make it clear which I like. I list the criteria I use to make my selection, discuss five brands I’ve made good use of (including student and artist colours) and finally I declare and explain my preferred brand.

Coloring – The Gateway to Artistic Creativity

Colouring is a way for everyone to be artistically creative. If you think that you can’t be an artist – you’re wrong. If you think you can’t draw, can’t paint or just don’t know what to put on to paper, then colouring is a great way to start to realise your artistic potential.

Rolf Harris Prints Have Commercial Appeal

Rolf Harris continues to enjoy great success in his art career due to the commercial nature of his paintings. Rolf Harris prints are becoming increasingly popular with art enthusiasts and collectors as they often depict scenes which are pleasing to the eye and the antipodean has also painted famous sporting and music icons. The octogenarian painted ‘Wimbledon Champions’ in which he pays tribute to ten of his favourite tournament winners including Bjorn Borg, Steffi Graf, Billie-Jean King, Rod Laver, John McEnroe, Venus Williams and Roger Federer.

Artist Evokes King of Pop

Fabian Perez’s stylish artwork has evoked the memory of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The Fine Art Blog said that Perez’s piece Man in Black Suit was their favourite as it reminded them of Michael Jackson’s classic retro gangster look complete with trilby hat during his Billie Jean era. Perez’s mysterious characters are inspired by the artist’s childhood spent with his father, a brothel owner who operated outside the conventional post-Peron society in Argentina.

After Effects CS5 – Animating Opacity

Animating opacity in After Effects CS5 is one of the coolest effects. It is very easy, it is easy to blend different players on your stage, and it is very easy to animate. Let’s take an ‘opacity’ tour.

The History of Tapestries

More or less around 500AD, while Rome could no more hold back the intense, north-central European, folks, the conglomerate was put back by much littler ‘realms’. Every one was dominated over only by the most powerful warriors. The thousand years which played along are better-known as the medieval time period.

Anchor Point, the Center of Your After Effects Universe

We like to animate opacity and position but what do we do with the anchor point? In this world of balance and timely relationships, you might say the anchor point is the center of your After Effects universe. Let’s see why.

Canvas Art – The Ultimate Online Purchasing Guide

Canvas Art is just printing a picture on to the canvas which is stretched out or gallery-enclosed on to a framework and being showed. This sort of printing process…

Things to Look For When Using Stock Footage

When you are looking to use stock footage, these tips are configured to help a person use this footage to the full capabilities that it can be used for. The better the footage that is being used, then the better the results will be for the project that you are working on.

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