How to draw a leaf very easily – Step by Step || Drawing Tutorial #Shorts

Drawing Ideas

Having trouble finding inspiration to draw? Here are four ideas to get you started.

William Keith and the California Alps

When walking into the welcome center of the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA there is a small alcove type space off to the side which houses Keith’s amazing portrait the California Alps. The inspiration for this portrait is not actually any part of Yosemite national park but rather Keith idealized the California Mountains in this painting. The portrait is located in an area where it commands the attention of anyone passing by.

Cinema 4D – Likes After Effects

Cinema 4D has a rich compositing features and a wealth of library extensions and plugins. The creators at Cinema 4D have also recognized the special features and wealth of possibilities within Adobe’s After Effects. The two have collaborated on special files set, making it easier for you to blend the two platforms. In May of this year Adobe released their 64 bit version of After Effects and Premiere Pro bring remarkable new capability in memory usage and render time. Some might say Cinema4D and After Effects were meant to work together.

Discovering Art Material For Young Minds

Kids express themselves in many ways. They enjoy making and drawing things and giving them to their parents or grandparents. Your refrigerator may be full of these expressions.

Learning To Paint – A Fun To Do Art

You don’t have to think like Picasso to create an art painting. Of the number of paintings including oil painting, wall painting and so on, abstract art painting seems to have won many hearts primarily because it lets you express yourself. Fetch your brush, a sheet of paper. Learning to paint is an art, and people who have mastered this technique will find peace while doing the same.

Canadian Artists

Canadian Art is enormously diverse, unique and prolific as Canada itself. Learning and writing about Canadian artists is both an honour and a formidable experience, a wonderful and awe-inspiring voyage through an incredibly diverse and rich visual culture. Canada has produced remarkable quality of art over the years which have echoed the diverse ancestries of the artists themselves; their art reflects the merged traditions and realities of life in Canada.

Abstract Art – Go Baby Go!

Visual artistic expression is one of the most satisfying of creative efforts that I can think of. However, I used to look at abstract art as being a lazy means of expression – until I tried it. By painting or drawing abstractly, you can essentially free yourself from the usual rules and restriction that must be adhered to in other forms of art.

Tips for Buying Art at an Auction

Anyone who’s ever visited a gallery knows how expensive it can be to purchase original art. Fortunately, there is a more economical alternative for fine art lovers who are on a budget.

House Portraits To Own And Treasure

If you feel immensely proud of the home you live in and want to show off your property to all and sundry you should consider the option of commissioning a portrait or painting of the building for posterity. House portraits were once the big rage and again are finding favor with homeowners from a variety of backgrounds. You should not think that you need to live in a stately home to consider having a portrait of the building made; even those of us in relatively small properties can commission an artist to put down on canvas an image of the building that would last for decades if not longer.

Exploring Quality Art Materials Like Plein Aire Frames

When choosing the frame, select quality material like Plein Aire frames. It will protect your artwork and enhance the way that it looks.

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