How To Draw A Hot Dog Monster – Folding Surprise

Today, Austin and I are also learning how to draw a super funny hot dog monster!


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Mona Lisa’s Secret

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” has created mystery and questioned the unknown from the day it was first seen, right up to the present day, which is exactly what art is supposed to do. This everlasting masterpiece is still breathtaking despite the ravages of time and subsequent dreadful retouching. I am not even going into the shooting, rock and other vandalistic attacks this art work has gone though. Its story, from commission, concept, travels, and thrills are worthy of a Hollywood film script. What a blockbuster of a film this artwork could make!

The Gift of Art – Passe or Perfection?

Can the gift of art be among the best or worst choices for the season? Here is a look at some serious potential on the “best” side – and why.

The Oil Painting Father

The oil painting father produced by the painter Luo Zhongli exhibited in China Youth Exhibition held in Beijing in May 1980 caused a great stir. At the exhibition, some people even broke into tears when standing in front of this picture. People were very easily impressed by a touching story or a wonderful piece of music melody.

Beautiful Paintings Created By Spray Paint Art

I took up the hobby of Spray Paint Art this summer and have so far created dozens of unique works of art using this fantastic art form. This article is basically a chart of my progression, my influences and how I hope to proceed. I’ve also thrown in a few tips for other beginners like myself.

Abstract Art – Step by Step to Creating Abstract Art

Abstract art involves portraying an object differently than its normal form. The artist can exaggerate the object to make its features stand out or to simplify an object to draw attention to it. Abstract art is the artist’s interpretation of the world – a distort in reality.

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