How To Draw A Hanukkah Present

5 Easy Face Painting Patterns and Design Ideas

When it comes to finding the most fun and easy face painting patterns and design ideas, your choices are as wide as the sky. Whether it is for a kids party or for an adult Halloween costume party, wearing a fun creative face paint design is a guaranteed way to spice it up. Find out more…

How to Paint for Beginners – How to Get Started – Part 1 of 3

You don’t have to be naturally talented to be an artist. In truth, art is really something we do for ourselves, not others. Art is, in it’s true and basic form, an expression of one’s innermost self. It’s a drain valve for pent up emotions and things that cannot be uttered; what words cannot express.

Tree of Life And Other Klimt Classics

Read all about the Tree of Life painting plus the general career of Gustav Klimt. Find specific information about this classic painting and the symbolism involved with the Tree of Life.

Oil Painting Techniques – Tips Help You Make Your Oil Painting Better

Oil painting techniques are important. They are necessary for anyone who wishes to make their oil painting a much more interesting piece to look at. Therefore, there is a need to look into the various techniques that can really help to make your oil painting much more interesting and beautiful.

‘The Scream’ – Who Is Willing to Pay Enormous Prices for Artwork at Auction?

Art collectors are as diverse as any group of people. The largest of this group is populated by people who buy art for the pleasure of having beautiful things in their homes or offices where they can enjoy them every day…

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