How to draw A girl with Double Braided Hairstyle and iPhone || Pencil Sketch for beginners

Ability + Creativity= Artistic Success

Learning to honor your creative spirit is being an artist. As a child did you doodle, draw or make objects from sticks, pipe cleaners or clay? Or, you may have been like I was.

Digital Photo Manipulation – A Leading Artist’s Perspective

“It’s only digital photo manipulations and the images seem so random!” These words roll off the critic’s tongue and hang in the air during the course of the one on one discussion, cutting deep into the artist’s psyche, initially creating a gulf between the mindsets of the two.

Hanging Pictures – Techniques From Leading Galleries

Hanging pictures has always remained an integral aspect of embellishing our homes since the time humans learned the art of painting cave walls in prehistoric times. Ancient people considered art as a magic that ferried us from an earthly to an eternal life. Surprisingly this concept has more truth to it than you would imagine as what we take in visually remains in our subconscious mind.

Durer Prints

Albrecht Durer is a famous printmaker from the German period of the Northern Renaissance. Durer prints, paintings and etchings are still well known and respected around the world, for the reasons explained within this article.

What Hides Beneath Geometrical Art?

Geometry was one of the first disciplines we learned, though we did not know it at the time. Who, as a child, struggled to draw a straight line, one without a wiggle in it? And a circle, wasn’t that the most difficult thing to construct?

Oil Reproductions on Canvas – A Unique Gift For Your Closest Friend

Any wall with paintings and portraits on canvas makes it attractive and leaves your guests appreciating your taste. If you have a unique collection of paintings and portraits, you can show off your home with great pride. The oil reproductions on canvas will help you get the real portraits with the look of oil paintings.

How to Hang Wall Art

Hanging wall art can be an art in itself. There are many variables determining how secure your artifact is hanging on the wall. Even seemingly sturdy fixtures can prove to be frail if the artifact or the wall it is hanging on is subject to constant vibrations, air flow, and traffic.

Make Money Selling Art

Are you interested in learning how to make money selling your art? Have you been creating art for years and want to make a profit off of your hobby or get your art career up and running? Don’t know where to start or are the techniques that you are using now are just not working?

How to Sell Your Art on the Street

Are you trying to sell your art on the street and you’re just not making any sales? Are you interested in learning how to make your venture into the art market world work for you? You may need a new plan of action, and you may need to apply some different techniques to start actually making money.

How to Take Care of an Original Oil Painting

OK, finally you found the courage to spend n-hundred dollars of your hard earned money on this wonderful oil painting to complement your living room. The good news is that a quality piece of art can easily outlast you, gain in value, and certainly impress your mother-in-law. The bad news is that, without being taken care of, any work of art will quickly degrade into a useless piece of warped canvas.

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