How to draw a girl with beautiful Gown (Very Easy) – step by step || Pencil Sketch for beginners

One Stroke Technique – Learn Painting With One Stroke

You must be familiar with the method of One Stroke Painting. It has been cultivated for quite a few years. It’s an easier way to create the marvelous designs painted by hand on so many surfaces. Painters who are not very experienced are also benefited.

Arches Watercolor Paper – The Watercolor Paper of Discerning Artists

If you are an artist using the medium of watercolor, you will want to avail yourself of the very finest surface upon which to work. This is one area you do not want to cut corners and go for cheap. It is one of the most important choices you will make before you begin your painting project.

Artist’s Mediums – Felt Tip Markers, Watercolor and Gouache

Felt tip markers are a good medium to use for sketches as well as finished renderings for presentations, graphic design, advertising and package design. Felt tip markers are water or solvent based. Water based markers are generally non-toxic.

Paint Brushes – Many Types

Paint brushes are a necessity for all artists. Some are cheap and some are expensive. There are a few types.

Acrylic Paint – The Way to Unravel Creativity

If you are a creative person and love painting, then acrylic painting is one of the most prolific endeavors that can keep you busy. There are different brands and accordingly several types of this paint available in the market. It is a compulsory inclusion in any painter’s repertoire of painting kits. The artistic impressions come into life with the help of acrylic paint.

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