How to draw a girl with beautiful dress || Easy Drawing tutorial for beginners || acrylic painting

How To Make a Logo Design Portfolio

The first step of becoming a logo designer is to make sure that you have built a nice and presentable logo design portfolio. It is a portfolio that displays all your lifetime’s work and achievements. This is because when you enter the field of logo designing, you need a logo design portfolio to expose yourself in the market.

Drawing Of Your Home

A drawing of your home can be done either in Pen & Ink or watercolor. Many Realtors have given their clients a drawing of their home as closing gifts.

Tips On How To Find And Purchase Decor And Canvas Wall Art

If you plan to decorate your home, you can begin collecting ideas by window shopping at home stores and look for designing ideas on the net. You will find interesting decorations from floor lamps, to canvas wall art. Window shopping via the internet might be a good idea because you can save more by doing it from home.

Motion Graphic Templates – Innovative Content Demanded By Businesses and the Public

Over the past several decades, television networks have been facing a level of competition that has previously been unseen; predominantly the result of increasing numbers of network channels and organisations, rising competition to provide the latest in interactive and innovative content and the emergence of subscription based network channels. This has also resulted in a large increase in the amount of paid advertising, as businesses utilise entertaining commercials to entice potential customers to purchase their products. Not only has the level of professionalism and special effects increased in the production of films and series being aired on television network channels, both large and small, but this has also filtered into the production of commercials.

Online Templates VS Flesh and Blood Graphic Designers

A week ago my sister phoned me to tell me she had just designed her own business card, I’m a graphic designer and she is, well… somewhat computer illiterate (except for Facebook of course). So I automatically assumed I had a good idea what her card would look like, something around the lines of a Microsoft word document with bits of clip art all over it, the kind of design that would make my skin crawl and yours too I’m sure. But a couple of days later when I saw the card I was to say the least somewhat perplexed, as the card she had apparently designed her-computer-illiterate-self was as good if not better than what I would have designed her (OK it was better but its hard to admit…).

Creating Motion Graphics With After Effects – Meeting the Modern Consumer

Creating motion graphics with After Effects is now becoming commonplace for those innovative film and television networks who are responding to both the demands of consumers as well as trends driving the industry. Consumers are demanding content that has high impact and entertainment. With the constant production of entertainment that contains customised motion graphics in numerous platforms, including the theatre, blue ray DVD’s, gaming platforms and internet channels; consumers are also expecting similar content to be produced for broadcast on both free and subscription based television networks.

Pop Art – A Quick Guide to the Basics

Pop Art is difficult to define because artists of this genre used many new and different techniques to those used prior to the 1950’s when Pop Art first started to appear. But the one common theme that all Pop Art has is that it features items and images from popular culture.

Why Small Businesses Need A Good Graphic Designer

As a Small Business owner who is just starting out, marketing your business is the key to your success. Getting started in your business is no sweat: -You have the knowledge of your field and you are an excellent communicator of it. -You just signed a lease to a 10th story spacious office, brought in all the electronics, faxes and printers.

Which WordPress Is the Right One for You – (.COM) or (.ORG)?

I simply LOVE WordPress for blogging. Whether it’s personal or business, WordPress blogs are widely used due to its notable features. It is interesting to note, however, that WordPress comes in two types: WordPress.

Why You Absolutely Need The Adobe Creative Suite Period!

Adobe has been the leading software manufacturer for Graphic Design programs for more than a decade. If you are serious about becoming a Graphic Designer, then you need to purchase these programs in order to move forward. When I started using these programs I was using Adobe Photoshop 7 and Adobe Illustrator 10, and at the time they were still so advanced it would blow your socks off the first time using it.

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