How To Draw A Funny Zombie Sandwich

The Versatile Floor Easel

What do you think of when you think of a floor easel? Most people think of the artist’s easel, even though they see easels everywhere, every day. The reason why they don’t notice them is because they are so effective at doing their job: you notice what is being displayed and not the stand it is being displayed on.

Airbrushes – Advice on How to Choose the Best One

If you’ve never bought an airbrush before, choosing the right one can be quite a confusing task. If you are looking to buy a new one or upgrade your old one, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping about.

How To Sketch For Fun and Profit

Turn a passion and a past time into a profession by learning How to Sketch for Fun and Profit. After all, the more moola you make the more enjoyment you can get out of life; and being filthy rich sounds like a heck of a good time to us! The only problem is, some forms of employment just don’t equate a barrel of monkeys in terms of their good ol’ recreational quotient. As important as morticians, dog catchers and trash collectors are to society, for example, we wonder just how many whoops and giggles they experience during a typical work day.

How to Use Clip Art – 8 Terrific Ways to Use Copyright Free Images

Having a library of free images available can be a fantastic resource for DIY projects. Faster and easier than trying to draw an image yourself, clip art can provide many options for the creation of wonderful hand-made items. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn a simple black and white image into something really special. Read on and learn eight terrific reasons to have clip art on hand.

The Diverse Mexican Art and Craft Tradition

Mexico is a diverse country. Its history is divided into both Pre-Hispanic and Hispanic periods. The Pre-Hispanic period consisted of cultures that existed before the invasion of Europeans. The latter was when the Europeans invaded Mexico (which was about 500 years back).

How To Create The Right Brush Effect In Digital Painting

Learn how the brush strokes are created on computers and digital mobile devices. How each one looks different, and how effects are applied to them.

What A School For Graphic Design Can Do For Your Design Future

The market demand for graphic designers is increasing steadily, though the number of graphic designers looking for jobs has skyrocketed. Something about the merger of art and science draws a lot of people into the field of graphic design, and while opportunities abound it can be difficult to get ahead of the competitions. Learn about Page Layout – Before you get into any of the technical areas of graphic design, you need to understand the basics of layout and page composition, both for print and digital designs.

The Perfect Wallpaper for Your Desktop

Choosing the perfect wallpaper for your desktop is almost always something you enjoy doing. We usually care about the wallpaper we have set as desktop background, since we use the computer each and every day of our lives, (at least most of us do so), and that’s why we don’t want to see the same old picture there.

Business Card Brilliance 101: A Primer on How to Design a Business Card So It Doesn’t Suck

Your business card is super important. It is often a prospect’s first impression of your company’s image. You don’t want to mess it up. So to help you avoid that American Psycho moment, I’ve assembled a few helpful tips.

Anne Geddes Photos – The Divine 10

Anne Geddes describes the dark-room process as something magical. As the photographic images develop, each one becomes a unique print of remarkable joy. Winner of several awards (1995 NZIPP Portrait Category Winner, AIPA Bronze Merit holder and 2009 honouree of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Lifetime Achievement Award, just to name a few) Geddes has had her global audience coo-cooing with glee over her photo’s for over two decades. And today we celebrate our top 10 most beloved Anne Geddes photos.

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