How To Draw A Funny Water Balloon

Today, Teryn and I are learning how to draw a really cool water balloon! We hope you have a lot of fun drawing with us!
Art Supplies ~ This is a list of the supplies we used, but feel free to use whatever you have in your home or classroom.
~Sharpie (or something to draw with)
~Pencil and erasure
~Paper (we use marker paper)
~Markers to color with (we use Bianyo)
~Colored pencils (sometimes we also use Prismacolor colored pencils)
Visit our art supply page for more information about the supplies used in this lesson.
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Taste The Starry Night

Van Gogh’s universe can last forever in Starry Night. This is an illusion beyond any attempt of Byzantine or Roman artists have done in the great mystery of Christianity. The close relationship of the outbreak of the stars of Van Gogh and the exploration of space exceeds the mystical belief era. However, this kind of illusion is caused by accurate strokes with an effort. When we know the expressionism paintings, we tend to associate it with brave brushwork together. It is bold, or like flame brush strokes, it comes from the intuition or spontaneous act and is not bound by the rational thought process or rigorous techniques.

Why Does An Artist Make Art?

Have you ever wondered what drives an artist to make their art? What inspires them in their creative process? I want to share with you the reasons that I personally feel such a strong desire to create my art. Even if you are not an artist, I think you might be able to relate and apply some of this article to certain aspects of your life.

Garrowby Hill by David Hockney

This article looks in detail at the stunning landscape painting, Garrowby Hill, and also discusses it’s creator, David Hockney. Garrowby Hill is a location in rural Yorkshire, UK and it an excellent choice by the artist for this piece.

5 Famous Dog Paintings

Art can be described in many ways. It can be good or bad. It can be modern, post-modern or classical. Art can even be described as inspirational. Despite the many ways there are to describe it, there is no true way to define it. Nevertheless, artists continue to express themselves through their pieces. Some will paint beautiful landscapes and water under the moonlight. Others will create abstract works of art that tell complex stories. Oddly enough, dog portrait artists can fit in both categories. Countless artists have utilized the canine essence in their work. While they have that much in common, each piece attempts to reveal something different about the world.

Painting a Dog Portrait From a Photo

Painting a dog portrait from a photo is the preferred method of portraying the personality of a favorite pet. Their never-ending reserves of energy make it nearly impossible to paint them without one. A camera is also able to capture every nuance of a dog’s expression and playful antics, which can then be transferred to your canvas.

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