How To Draw A Funny Monster Folding Surprise – Preschool

Carousel – General Information, History and Beyond

Carousel, which has another name, Merry-Go-Round, has become one of the most famous attractions in any fair or theme park. In every country, in almost every theme park, there is a place which is reserved for Carousel, a kind of amusement ride that everybody loves to ride. The basics of the ride is a rotating platform, where players will sit on the wooden chairs or animal-shaped figurine for kids.

Interior Designers Have the Freedom of Working Under Contact/Freelance

An interior designer has many different types of opportunities to choose from in their specific career field. It all depends on where their interests lie. There is a lot of freedom within this particular occupation.

Want to Draw Cartoons: A Good Cartoon Course Is a Must

If you love to watch cartoons I am sure that you will enjoy drawing cartoons even more. Imagine you are creating a figure like Micky Mouse or Power Puff Girls and showing the same to your friends, you will understand what I am trying to say. The feeling is really exhilarating.

Even Traditional Artists Work Differently in the Computer Age

A new art form has emerged as a result of the popularisation of personal computers: Digital Art. Yet, traditional painting and drawing has also been shaped by the digital age.

Mask Pictures on Your Own or Choose a Professional Studio for It

Would you prefer to mask pictures yourself or prefer a professional touch? This article can help you decide how to mask pictures with software. There are also photo-processing studios that do the same job more efficiently.

A Spanish Cultural Tour – Arte Espanol Para Extranjeros by Abrantes, Fernandez, Manzarbeitia

Arte Espanol Para Extranjeros by Ricardo Abrantes, Araceli Fernandez, Santiago Manzarbeitia is a superb idea, an excellent read and a perfect way of practising the language. The book charts chronologically the eras and styles of Spanish art.

CD Cover Designers And Their Role In Successful CD Products

The ability of CD Cover Designers is so important that it can influence whether your next CD release will be successful or not. These designers are some of the most talented individuals you can rely on when it comes to building your CD’s personality.

Good Design Is Always Simple

One of the great masters of the 20th century Mies van der Rohe once uttered the famous sentence of “Less is More.” This short sentence succinctly encapsulates the essence of minimalism which is a design style that emphasizes on the arrangement of clean lines and clear order of space in architecture. The idea behind this sentence is so powerful that it has effectively influenced not just architects but designers of all disciplines as well.

Norman Rockwell’s The Problem We All Live With

Norman Rockwell’s painting, The Problem We All Live With, commented on the social upheaval that racial integration in the 1960’s precipitated. Rockwell captured a moment in time when Ruby Bridges was escorted to her school by United States Marshals. The painting, a study of contrasts, touched people when it was painted and published and continues to reach people today.

How To Draw Realistic Faces For Beginners

What every artist needs to know in drawing realistic faces. Your mindset as an artist will be just as important (if not more) than the techniques or skills you use as an artist. Learn the basic foundations that is needed to be able to draw realistic faces at its finest.

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