How To Draw A Funny Can Of Beans – Drawing With Form (Cylinder)

Do You Want To Get Started As An Artist Beginner?

If you are sat there wondering if you have the chance to be an artist, the first question will no doubt be… “Where do I start?”. As silly as it sounds there is only one place you can start and that is – “Right at the very beginning”. “Do you really want to miss out on the challenge and excitement of learning something completely new?”

Lessons You Will Not Find In Ordinary Painting DVDs

It is true that humans have been painting for centuries. They use it as means to express themselves since words are often not enough to be able to this. Even cavemen have already been painting way back in history.

Paint Your Dreams

Having dreamt of becoming a painter? You can, if you have the attitude. That depends on how focus you are in achieving this dream.

Don’t Forget The Focal Point in Your Art and Photographs

Keeping your focal point in mind when painting is just one of many things to remember whether you are painting or drawing. There is a lot to learn when embarking on the path to becoming a good artist, but the focal point is something that is not that hard to remember, and could make a big difference in your work.

Commissioning A Work Of Art For Your Home

We all like to think that we can create a home that will be comfortable and that will also be able to impress others. We may sometimes struggle to achieve these twin aims, but it’s also clear that there are plenty of sources of inspiration available to us.

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