How To Draw A Dream Catcher

My Discovery Of Photoshop

My discovery of Photoshop came after I worked as a graphic designer and art director for a few years. Back then, in the pre-desktop publishing days, we learned to put things together from different sources.

From Illustrator Into A Photoshop Document

When you paste your illustrated outlines into Photoshop, they will serve another purpose. By working with duplicates of the shapes, you will learn how to remove the outer regions, thus inverting the appearance of the fill. This might sound confusing, but it is a simple process that we will go through repeatedly.

Combining Illustrator With Photoshop

I remember when Illustrator introduced the Live Trace feature and the mess that ensued. No fault of Adobe’s, it was a great tool and still is.

Beginner, Intermediate Or Advanced In Photoshop?

I have always had a problem with the way that one’s level of skill or capability as a digital artist has been limited to one of only three words. Obviously there are more than three variations in experience or mastery from user to user. However, these words are so ingrained in the collective subconscious that I find I must, at some point, address this topic by using them so people know what the hell I’m talking about.

Graphic Design and You

Graphic design applies to a whole range of areas when it comes to your business. From your business card to the brochure on the counter, from the sign out the front of the shop to the colour scheme on your website, graphic design is everywhere. With such a big presence, it’s important to have someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to graphic design.

Cinema 4D Nonlinear Animation With Motion Clip

Nonlinear animation allows you to take complex animations and group them as a single object providing the ability to move them in the timeline, duplicate, scale, even position in 3D space hiding the complexity of the animation layer as you use it as a base layer. The Motion Clip tool provided by Cinema makes this task quite easy. Let’s take a look!

Learn How to Draw Cartoons – Selecting Right Training Material Is Important

Almost all the kids learn to draw simple objects in their school. Things like a cup or a candle, we all have drawn in our school days. But these days, drawing cartoon figures or a single page comic that tells a funny story or a joke getting very popular among the youngsters.

Want to Draw Cartoons? Start With Pencil and Paper

Electronic computers are amazing piece of equipment. These days we cannot think of our life without computers. Even in the arena of arts and crafts computer has undeniable influence. Today we are watching movies that would not have been possible to make without computers.

Want to Draw Cartoon Characters? Things to Keep in Mind

Cartoon drawing is a fun pastime. Among various branches of cartoon drawing art, people drawing or character drawing is the most elite one. It is more difficult than any other as well. But if you consider the rewards, cartoon people drawing is the most rewarding branch of cartoon drawing.

Get a Mentor If Want to Make It Big In Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon drawing is a fun hobby. It is inexpensive to get started with cartoon drawing and if you are ready to put even some half hearted effort, you can pretty easily pick some tricks to amaze your friends and family members.

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