How To Draw A Dragon Silhouette

Importance of Signs in Improving the Work Environment

Every business, big or small, strives hard to get a better branding in the market. Most importantly, companies want to create an impact in the mind of their present customers as well as potential ones. In order to do so, we often see companies going to well-known marketing experts and try really poor plans at times.

An Overview About Ketubahs

It is basically a special kind of Jewish Prenuptial agreement. These are considered as a vital element of any traditional Jewish wedding wherein it outlines the number of rights and responsibilities the groom has to follow for his bride. However, you will not find any agreement in the current world as to the financial worth of these Ketubahs.

Traditional Freehand Paintings Materials and Techniques

Freehand style is based on Chinese calligraphy and painting freehand water characteristics to the exquisite brushwork and easy painting style in vain. Although this is not very exact, it somehow expresses the characteristics in techniques of this kind of works.

Creative Artwork Design That Boosts Image and Market Presence

Impactful advertising requires a lot of innovative and creative ideas that stand out from the crowd while drawing focus to the desired target. Hence, excellent artwork design is preferred for ambitious businesses or companies that want to impact their targeted audience with the best of advertisements.

Photo to Painting – Basic Information

In present day photography and painting even independent as they are, in big measures confront each other paths in different ways. Photo to painting is one of the ways where that difference is unnoticeable. Artist all over the world are making this kind of paintings and for sure they enjoy it.

Print Photos on Canvas – Basic Information

In the mid 1800-s when photography arrived, it brought a rivalry between photographers and painters. Because photography’s ability to create perfect reality painters ran away in to the world of abstraction and emotions even if they were the ones who brought the reality to people until photography came. But modern art history, present and future bring us a new technology which gives us possibilities to print photos on canvas.

How to Find and Buy Affordable Art

This article gives practical ways to find and purchase affordable art. It is short and offers easy ways to find affordable art for your home.

One Great Tip To Work Out What To Draw!

Got Brain-freeze or Drawing Block?… Then check out this quick tip to get the creative juices flowing again!

Designing Art for Screen Printed T-Shirts? Here’s Some Tips That Might Help

Designing art for screen printed t-shirts? Our simple checklist will help make sure your art will print perfectly on your chosen garment. When you are ready to start, please consult with your screen printer or a graphic artist who works in the screen print industry. They will help you create the perfect graphic for your t-shirts. We want your shirts to look their best after all, right?

Is There a Difference Between Artwork for Screen Print Vs Embroidery?

One of the main questions we receive in our store is what kinda art do you require for screen printing and embroidery? The second one is can the art I used for scree printing now be used for embroidery and visa versa. There is a very distinct difference in the file types used by these processes and I’ll try to cover the differences. The goal of the article is to create an informed buyer and help the buyer understand the differences of what can and cannot be done in screen printing and embroidery.

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