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Paintings of the Seasons Rococo Style & Boucher and the Four Seasons

Perhaps one of the most celebrated decorative artists of the 18th century was Francois Boucher of France. To us, transported by time and space and culture, he’s obscure and a bit strange, but interesting nonetheless because his life and career not only demonstrates an important era in art history, but on an interesting time in French history. This was said of him: “Boucher is one of those men who represent the taste of a century, who express, personify and embody it.”

Watercolor Artists – How to Keep Up When You Are Away From Home

Recently my husband and I traveled to one of our favorite place – Loblolly Cove – and I didn’t want to get behind with my artist work or my internet marketing work, so I worked out a plan to accomplish the task I needed to do. As always, the pileated woodpecker greets us, as it sits in a pine across the pond. It’s always there and always greets us.

Why Choose a Local Painter?

If you go to a local art gallery, you are sure to find plenty of paintings created by local artisans. This will give you a chance to evaluate the quality of the canvas, as well as the workmanship that goes into each painting. This is just one of many reasons why you will be well served by choosing a local painter for your canvas art needs.

Gilbert Stuart – One of the American Portrait Painters

Gilbert Stuart was born with talent and skills in painting. Have a detail of his life and his work in the portrait painting industry.

Oil Painting Techniques That Will Help You

Painting with oils is one the most popular kinds of art forms. The techniques that you need to use for oil paints are to help you in maintaining consistency and to help you gain certain effects in your painting that can only come using oil paints.

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