How To Draw A Cute Unicorn Doughnut

Use White Media on Black Paper to Create Quick Contrast in Drawings

Most successful drawings and paintings utilize the principle of art, contrast. An easy way to create contrast in value in drawings is by using white media on black paper.

Effective and Free Ways to Promote Your Design Services

As a designer, one of the hardest things for you to do is make a name for yourself and promote your services. This is especially true if you have only just entered the freelancing scene. Face it, you could be absolutely amazing at what you do, but with the vast amounts of other talented, creative individuals out there it can be extremely hard to have your work seen. Sure you could get lucky and have work come to you (if you’re lucky) but when starting out you need to be proactive and find the work for yourself. Many freelancers are unsure of how to make a name for themselves, even though it is extremely easy. All you require is a bit of time and dedication. Simply take a look at the following tips, use them and you will soon begin to experience an increase in interest of your services along with work and client base. I have made a list of effective and free ways to promote your design services, hopefully they can be of some use.

Cartoon – A Medium That Uses Pictures to Give Messages

The two dimensional art form of cartoon is normally an unrealistic drawing used for caricature, satire or humor. The term has been in used to identify the preparatory drawings made for drawings such as frescoes during the early days.

Professional Quality Is Essential for Custom Video Creation

When trying to promote your message among the collective of noise and bad content that is mass media, production quality and creative content are imperative to getting you noticed and establishing credibility. Custom video creation with regards to professional quality will set your promotional video apart, giving you the tools for more recognition with higher returns.

How to Make Homemade Greeting Cards With Free PSD Graphics

Those who have received homemade greeting or invitation cards would know that there is something special in receiving a card you know was made with the effort and creativity of a loved one. When we give out cards to our friends and families-whether for the purpose of congratulating someone, cheering him or her up, or celebrating a special occasion-we expect our cards to reflect our personal feelings ans special ties to the receiver. However, this is hardly true when the cards we give out come out of a generic lineup of store-bought holiday cards.

Simple Cartooning Skill Can Be an Asset

The reason of the popularity of cartooning lies in its simplicity. It is not only inexpensive to get started with but also simple in a sense that you can draw few careful lines to tell a beautiful story. And because of these reasons more and more kids and youngsters are taking up cartoon drawing.

Learn to Draw Without Spending a Single Dime

You can learn drawing cartoons without spending even a single dime. There are number of resources in Internet or cyber world that you can use for this purpose. Make your machine on get a piece of paper and a pencil and you’re ready to rock. The real beauty of these free websites are, if you want to stay anonymous and do not want to spare your e-mail address ID you can do so.

Portrait of Baudouin De Lannoy Jan Van Eyck

Some artists work hard to become experts but there are just some whom we might as well believe to be born with the right amount of creativity to stand out. It is typical to hear life stories of artists being rejected for their style but at least came out famous in the later part of their endeavor. As you read on, you will learn about Jan van Eyck and how he immediately capture a great audience even in the onset of his career.

The Portrait of Bindo Altoviti by Raphael Sanzio

There is a saying that a “picture paints a thousand words”. No wonder why people love taking pictures. In the past however when the camera was not yet invented, people opt to have their portraits made for remembrance. On this note, one of the most important artists of all times is Raphael Sanzio. He is considered to be one of the Three Masters of the Renaissance. One of his notable works is the Portrait of Bindo Altoviti.

Do You Want to Draw People

Do you want to draw people? Drawing people is a fascinating art form. To be very frank drawing people is not an easy task because we see people all around. And we have a clear idea of what human beings look like. Because of that your work is always compared with real life people.

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