How To Draw A Cute Phoenix

My Decorative Adventure

There are many paintings out there that I would not mind owning. The Starry Night, Adele Broch-Bauer I, a few of Monet’s Water Lilies and maybe Degas’ Bathers to name a few. All exceptionally beautiful pieces of art, all extremely valuable, all with their origins in the developments of the impressionism.

Using the Photoshop Marquee Tool

A photo editing program, regardless of the way its features maybe called, it has basically the same functions as other editing software programs on the market. So it doesn’t matter that one such program has different names for its functions, for it will basically do the same thing to your photo.

Getting Photoshop Action Scripts

When it comes to Adobe Photoshop there are a lot of Photoshop techniques you can use to render your images a professional touch, and that’s why this software is just one of the best software programs out there to modify all of your pictures and have focus on the details you want. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, then you will learn that easily by going online and looking for special tutorials. You can also do almost anything you can image with it, from cropping, cutting, and smoothing.

The Steps to Art Criticism

When we observe art, our minds go through a process. This process naturally translates into the steps of art criticism. Following these steps will help us evaluate art effectively. Do you know what they are?

How to Be Good in Figure Drawing – 3 Tips That You Can Use

Let’s accept the fact that figure drawing is not easy. But the fun and satisfaction that comes with it cannot be attained through other forms of drawing.

Stripped Naked – Abstraction in Art

I have been exploring abstraction but with little success lately. Watching a program on Matisse made me think more deeply as to what blocks me. In this article I explore the reasons why and how difficult it actually is to paint abstract when you’ve become conditioned to painting realism.

Expressing Creativity Through Prismacolor Art Markers

The Prismacolor art markers are user friendly, non-toxic and versatile tools which are universally popular among artists who wish to create beautiful pictures consisting of rich undertones and filled with bright colors. In addition to the convenience of use, these form a mandatory part of the cheap art supplies also because they impart neatness to the painting and are easy to maintain and manage as well.

Intro to Art Sculpture

Most art is too valuable, precious, or protected by glass or chains. The saying “You can look but can’t touch” fits artwork perfectly. I was really amazed that an artist would make something that the public can step into and experience from the inside out.

How to Develop Professional Level Cartoon Drawing Skill

Drawing cartoons is a great hobby which not only entertains the cartoon maker but also others that watch the drawing. The simple hobby of cartoon making can be turned into a lucrative career also. These days with skyrocketing demand of cartoon makers it is not going to be a too tough task.

Where to Find Inspiration For Mixed Media Art

Finding that spark of inspiration needed for mixed media art can be elusive: searching the internet and glossy magazines can help, but there will be other times when simpler measures are needed. Let’s be kind to ourselves and explore these simple measures further.

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