How To Draw A Bird (Parrot) – Advanced

Beauty in Art – Restore Quality

The arts are an integral part of our culture since classical times. The quality of Beauty has always been the inspiration behind creation in all the spheres of human effort whether painting, architecture, literature, sculpture, landscaping and other endeavours. We need to retain Beauty and harmony if we are to create enduring testaments to our skills, our purposes and our wisdom.

Creative Criticism – Learning From Your Inner Voice

I was fighting with myself about the idea that my artwork could have a darkside, in my mind this meant that it was negative( you know… postive means GOOD, negative means BAD). Here I was feeling like Glinda, the good witch making everyone happy…there is no room for anything but good things in my world… skipping around tossing flower petals up in the air…

Peter Max – Magic of Vibrant Color Palette

Peter Max’s famous pop art has become an iconic representation of Americana. His work has ranged widely in themes over the course of his long standing career. Throughout his career however, Peter Max’s artwork has remained identifiable by his signature use of vibrant color.

Eternal Paintings of Erte

Romain de Tirtoff, better known as Erte, had a long and illustrious career that transformed both the art fashion industry in which he produced fine original artwork for as well as the broader culture of the time of his widespread popularity. Erte original artwork experienced two distinct periods of great cultural appreciation and popularity- the first during the 1920s with his introduction of his art deco styling that would later go on to define the generation, and later in the 1960s as he introduced art deco resurgences which modified his earlier aesthetic theme.

Tutorials on Improving Your Pencil Drawing

There are a majority of artists, or frustrated artists, that have sustained using pencil drawing but haven’t really explored its potential and never really got excellent with it. Pencil drawing is relatively harder compared to most mediums. This entails more intricate strokes and a really good hand at drawing.

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