How to draw a beautiful blue eyed girl -Pencil Sketch | She is staring sadly with her finger on lips

Unwrap The Basic Guidelines on Creative Art Lessons

Are you having difficulty making art lessons? Do you feel that you have carried out all the art projects from your list?

Unwrap The Modern Method Of Taking Art Classes

Have you been considering taking art classes, for a second time? Did you enjoy your last art lessons so much that you’re ready to sign up in other art classes?

Teach Your Child The Art Of Art Lessons

Would you like to enroll your toddler in art lessons? Do you find yourself concerned with the tuition fee? Are you worried that you cannot afford art lessons?

Learn How To Have Afterschool Art Lessons At Home

Would you like to start an afterschool art lessons in your own home? Are you feeling that this will give you the time to spend with your young child? Are you anxious your friends or your Mommy and me group club might support you?

Kings, Queens, and Courtiers: Art in Early Renaissance France

Yesterday I had the opportunity view the new exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago: Kings, Queens, and Courtiers: Art in Early Renaissance France. This is an outstanding display of early French Renaissance Art only being exhibited in Chicago.

Instruct Your Child On The Classic Art Lessons

Do you want to spend time with your kid by exposing them to art lessons? Are you beginning to feel like your kid is too captivated with electronic gadgets? Would you like your child to discover about the art activities at a young age, like everyone else?

Music and Art

Artists have been using music for inspiration for centuries. In this article I give you some ideas on how you can use music to help inspire your creativity.

After Effects CS5 – Timeline ‘Helpers’

Once you have chosen the content for your After Effects video it is easy to edit the different layers, modify their time, add effects, and of course, edit their relationships to one another. This ‘fine tuning’ step may be the most important and for many of us can be the most time consuming. Fortunately, After Effects provides several helpful tools here too and a favorite yet simple tool is ‘slip editing’. Slip editing lets us modify the start and end time of the various layers as you edit their presence in your video. After Effects also provides many timeline ‘helpers’ to assist you in the editing process.

After Effects – Slip Editing

After Effects provides different tools for editing layers and editing their time presence is one of the most useful. When we watch a typical advertisement or even a movie sequence we see that the total message is always composed of parts; incomplete parts that nonetheless add their special part of the message. After Effects offers several tools to edit the time window of each layer. A very flexible and friendly one is ‘slip editing’.

Photoshop and After Effects – Let’s Make a Cool Border With Photoshop’s Alpha Channel

When we show off our work or hopefully our customer’s work you want it to show well, be well lit, and to stand out. Framing is a great way to highlight any art but when we want to do this on our web site, we have a few tools to choose from. I just created a display for a friend that does beautiful tile work. It looks great, great tile work, great images, but it need a little something. After a couple reviews I knew that framing the display would really help set it apart and highlight the entries.

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