How to draw 3D water droplets on black paper || Happy New Year 2022 Drawing #Shorts

The Shocking Art of Robert Williams

At first glance, the violent and sarcastic universe created by one of the great poineers of independent Art and American Art in general, Robert Williams, may shock, titillate or disgust the beholder but when studied closer one will discover the profound meaning. Youth Williams, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 2, 1943, grew up in a rather capricious environment because his father and mother married four times, and therefore he was bounced repeatedly between his father who lived in Montgomery, Alabama and his mother’s home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Therefore his only true companion was art,…

From Where to Buy Art for Sale Including Oil Paintings?

If you are interested in buying art for sale then there are many online art galleries from where you can buy art for sale. Before you make a purchase online there are some points that you keep note of to get the best bargain. When you go online to buy art including art forms such as oil paintings, you will find that there are 2 types of art for sale; one is reproduction of oil paintings & the other is original art.

Photos On Canvas Make Great Anniversary Gifts

Is your wedding anniversary coming nearby? Are you planning to give your better half something that she likes the most? If you have answered yes then photo onto canvas would make a great gift.

What Are Illustrated Maps?

The Maps have been part of human history since a long time. Some of early nautical maps like the maps followed by Vasco da Gama and Columbus can be considered equally important as the declaration of independence for many fans of nautical history.

Benefits of Coloring Papers for Kids

It is not surprising to consider the ever growing popularity of coloring pages. They are continuing to be the best entertaining activity among kids. Never mind hot this world is emerging to be, coloring pages online or over sheets are becoming the most popular activity among all age children.

Cinema 4D – Splines, The Skeletons of Cinema 4D

Splines are the Skeletons of Cinema 4D so at this ghastly time of year, let us look a bit deeper into the shadows and learn more about critical elements that build the structures for Cinema4D… beneath the skin so to speak.

Cherishable Memories With Photos to Canvas

Many people love to preserve their joyful as well as struggled time photographs for showing them off to next generation. Before there were black and white photographs, then came the colored ones and then came the cds. Today, there are canvas prints and they have become very popular.

Photo on Canvas – A Feeling of Love and Affection

Technology has given us wonderful printers and computer programs that allow us to transfer our photographic images to canvas. Getting photo printed on canvas is very easy. Even if your photo is old or ragged you can get it done.

How to Choose an Art Gallery to Buy Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings in any art gallery are admired and loved by artist communities as well as appreciators of art as well. These are also one of top selling painting subjects into any art gallery. Landscape paintings have a long history, which dates back to 15th century where decorative landscapes were made for enhancing portraits.

How to Sell Abstract Art

Abstract art is a form of art that is carried out following the principle i.e, lines & colors consist of aesthetic value. This art form never tries to copy or show any kind type of external reality and is also non-objective in nature.

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