How to Block-In Objects & Start Drawings – Drawing for Beginners

Jack Vettriano Prints – The Painter of the Singing Butler

Some of the most famous prints of the last century have been produced by Jack Vettriano. Why is he one of the most successful living painters?

Vietnamese Painting – Brushing Excellence On Canvas

Though not a very old art form from a historical perspective, Vietnamese paintings have been successful to stamp their presence internationally. Their originality and freshness far surpass the few Western influences.

A Musical Memorandum Of Ancient Remarkable Painters

A free song named ‘Divine Painting’ consigns a musical memorandum of ancient remarkable painters and is dedicated to Japanese monks painted `drunken of god not with a brush but with their hairs.

Paint Brushes Are An Investment

Brushes are the most important painter’s tools. Buying brushes is not just a random decision, but one that should be made carefully. Selection of brushes is personal and is based upon needs and level of investment desired. Because a brush will only last as well as it is cared for, proper cleaning and storage of brushes is probably even more important than the decision of what brush to buy.

The Greatest Renaissance Painter and Engraver of All Time

When Albrecht Durer died in 1528 he left some 80 paintings, over 100 etchings, about 200 wood carvings and 800 drawings behind as his cultural legacy. His artwork has deep stories and hidden inner meanings of which many have only been theorized on. Descriptions and theories behind the meanings of some of Albrecht Durer’s most famous works are contained in this article.

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