How Long Does It Take to Get Good at Drawing?

Vincent Van Gogh – Great Painter & Self Multilator

Famous for cutting off his ear, or were his paintings really that good? Vincent Willem van Gogh was born…

Female 20th Century German Expressionist Painter – Kathe Kollwitz

Born in 1867 to a father who was a radical social democrat who became a mason and house builder and educated by her grandfather on matters of religion and socialism Kathe Kollwitz dedicated her life to political activism. From an early age she was confronted by death when her younger brother died, leaving her deeply affected.

German Expressionist Painter – George Grosz

As did many of the German artists of the time George Grosz fought in the trenches of WWI, having volunteered for military service. Discover the heroism of German painter George Grosz between the world wars as he fought the rise of fascism at great cost to his own life.

Quick & Easy Landscape Watercolors (BEGINNERS)

Learning to paint fast and easy watercolors is simple and I will teach you how in this short article. I will step through my own processes for painting quick and simple landscape or seascape watercolor paintings.

Oil Painting Techniques – The Many Ways to Apply Oil Paint

Oil paint is one of the most versatile and adaptable painting mediums in existence today. There are many techniques and effects possible with oil paint. Oil paint can be applied in thin transparent glazes or washes, or the paint can be mixed to a thick buttery consistency and applied using a painting knife. There really appears to be no end to the wonderful ways you can create art with this amazing painting medium. This article will talk about some of the many ways you can use oil paint.

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