How I Turned a Simple SQUARE into a BEAR – Drawing Process Tutorial for Pen & Ink

Acrylic Painting – Choosing the Right Paints, Additives and Painting Surface For Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting and the use of acrylic paints have a number of advantages and disadvantages. As for its advantages, water is its solvent paint which means that it can be diluted with use of water and also makes cleaning very easy. Acrylic paints dry fast also that store keeping is not at a problem as in comparison to oil paints which take months to dry. Another is that, color from the point of application to its dried up stage is almost the same and one can expect the same image as applied. On the negative side, however, its ability to dry fast is an obstacle for blending.

Max Pechstein (1881-1955) – A German Expressionist Painter and Printmaker

Max Hermann Pechstein or Max Pechstein, a German ‘Expressionist’ painter and a printmaker, was born on December 31, 1881, in Zwickau, Germany. He commenced his artistic journey as an apprentice to a decoration painter at his native. Art works of Vincent Van Gogh were the key catalysts for developing Pechstein’s orientation towards ‘Expressionism.’ In 1903, Max enrolled at the Dresden Academy and within a year, was a favorite student’ of Professor Otto Gussmann. The artist won the ‘Saxon State Prize’ for his wall paintings and for stained-glass windows & mosaics designs. In his last year of graduation, Max painted several ceilings and an altarpiece for the ‘Third German Crafts Exhibit’ in Dresden. Here, he befriended Erich Heckel, one of the founders of the Die Brucke (The Bridge) art group. In 1906, after graduating with top honors, Max Pechstein joined the Die Brucke art group. He was the sole member of the group with a formal training in arts.

Fabric Painting Tips and Techniques

Fabric painting is definitely one of the interesting things to do for persons who enjoy fashion and especially clothing. This painting art though is not the same with dyed fabrics and the outcomes are totally different as well. It became a new trend in the clothing line primarily because it is more convenient to use than the dyes as it does not require too heating or steaming. In fact, most fabric paints only require ironing to keep it bonded permanently on the fabric.

Should You Choose Basic Or Professional Paints For Learning How to Paint Acrylic?

The initial expense of tools for painting in acrylic can make people shy away from getting better quality materials while they are learning.Much like using cheap, limp brushes that come apart, or that won’t hold shape, student quality paint often does not cover as well, and may not mix as true to color. A better way is to choose a few of the less expensive pigments and a few good brushes that will provide a successful experience.

Choose the Right Paint For Learning How to Paint Acrylic

Knowing how to paint acrylic starts with choosing the right type of paint. Beginners often choose craft acrylics, which are liquid, the texture of milk, rather than the thicker artist acrylics that come in tubes, but all types of acrylic can be mixed together for different effects.

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