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Top 7 Techniques of Oil Painting

Oil Painting has always been one of the most preferred types of art forms, since its introduction during the Renaissance. Oil Painting provides scope for a lot of versatility, as it can be used thickly as in Impasto or very thinly as in Glaze. Using some helpful methods, can help you achieve finesse in your Oil Painting.

Vincent Van Gogh – The Man, the Painter, the Master!

Vincent Willem van Gogh or Vincent van Gogh or Van Gogh or Vincent Gogh, was one of the finest Dutch artists, who is also called as the father of Expressionism. Most of Van Gogh’s works were heavily influenced by colors that described the divine spirit of man and nature, in dramatic and powerful ways. The range of colors he used, moving from very dark or morbid color palette to brighter colors, provide an oversight into his troubled life and his struggle against his unbalanced mental state, which eventually took his life at an early age of 37.

Acrylic Painting – The Modern Genre of Painting

The modern art that is being preferred over canvas or oil painting nowadays is the acrylic painting, which comes handful in many ways. Acrylic painting has become the genre of modern painting due to its flexibility, depending upon the type of ingredients that it is made up of. The water resistant property, of the acrylic painting materials, make it more popular than any other form of painting, where there is a chance of water damage to the paintings on coming in contact with water.

Tips on Oil Painting – Know Your Oil Painting Brushes

In this article I discuss the shape of a number of brushes that are used when painting with oils. We also discuss the purpose of each of the particular shapes.

Painter Vs Artist?

I finally read “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” I may not be performing a tune-up anytime soon, but it has really impressed me in terms of what I do, namely paint in the “classical” tradition. Author, Robert M. Pirsig distinguishes “Romantic” beauty, as the appearance that strikes the senses, from “Classic” beauty, which comes out of a harmonious order of the parts.

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