How I Draw My Cat from Life – Drawing Tutorial + Sketchbook Tour

Paint Watercolors With Only 3 Colors

Watercolor painting allows you to use the least number of colors to achieve the widest range of color mixes. You can paint great watercolor paintings using only 3 Colors.

Learn How To Paint Watercolor – What Equipment Do I Need?

There is only one way to learn how to paint watercolor. Keep it simple – use one color. When you use 1 color you only need a small list of painting equipment, it will not cost much.

History of Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings are the stuffs of a certain time and certain set, and art history of course tries to place these works in their superior setting. Any body learning western art, for instance, would study to be familiar with the styles of the Oil painting reproduction, Baroque, traditional, idealistic and Modern periods, and to know the complex interaction of consideration, support, civilization and monetary issues, which the oil paintings represent. It is to such a sympathetic that art critics refer when they insist that art today has to be comprised with contemporary issues.

History of Western Paintings – The Ancient Near East

Palaeolithic people led an unsettled life; this nomadic society of hunters and gatherers has little control over their food supply. Beginning around 8000 B.C. however, people began to grow their own food, raise their own animals, and organise into permanent communities. Although, like their Palaeolithic predecessors, the Neolithic people (from neos, meaning “new” in Greek) used stone to make basic weapons and tolls, organised agriculture and animal husbandry left more time and labour for other activities, including the production of clay vessels. Since their size and weight made them difficult to carry, clay vessels are characteristic of stationary communities.

Popular Painting Styles

In painting world there are so many styles that are very popular. But before giving an account of different popular styles we need to know what the term “style” means. In fact, there is not any certain definition of “style”. It may be understood in the aesthetic terms as what to paint or which physical technique implied in painting. Aesthetic movements like realism, romanticism and impressionism belong to this explanation of style.

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