Hot Anime Boy Stares At You While You Learn about Gouache

Japanese Calligraphy History

Japanese calligraphy is a visual art, using the symbols of the Japanese language (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji). This article will be a quick outline on Japanese calligraphy.

The Encaustic Adventure: Answers to 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions – And More!

Encaustic is a medium that encourages experimentation and continuously stokes one’s curiosity. Encaustic painting brings out one’s creativity, whether one is an experienced artist, a beginner, or has not done any art at all. Encaustics can also be used with photography, blurring the distinctions between mediums. I am now adding Photoencaustic to my Encaustic workshops.

A Few Pointers For Approaching Art Galleries

Approaching art galleries for the first time can be quite intimidating for an artist. It is important to realize that although a gallery owner may have a passion for art, his or her main concern is making a profit for the business. There are a few tips you can follow, if you feel you are ready to approach an art gallery for the first time.

Interesting Facts About Leonardo Da Vinci’s Life

When Leonardo was young, Florence was one of the most prosperous and lively cities in Italy. It was a hub for trade and a huge exporter of cloth. All sorts of fabrics were manufactured in Florence- including silk, velvet, brightly colored wools, and shiny brocades of gold and silver. The city was also famous for its goldsmiths, who fastened jewels onto plates and other gold objects.

Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground – Something New for Watercolours

Let me introduce you to a brand new product that is taking the watercolour world by storm. From Daniel Smith Watercolours is a Ground that lets you paint watercolour’s in ways you never imagined. This remarkable new Ground lets you paint on any surface from plastic and cloth to metal and stone, and also gives you the ability to rescue a lost Watercolour Painting.

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