Hadley’s Top 5 Favorite Art Lessons From 2020

Five Horse Paintings by Picasso

Do you enjoy searching the art world for great horse paintings? Find out more about Picasso, who included horses in many of his paintings with powerful symbolism.

Mistakes As Opportunities for the Sketch and Doodle Artist Considered

The other day, I was talking with an artist and we both noted that those people who sketch using pen and ink must be very sure of themselves while they are working. Because whatever you put on the sketch pad in ink is permanently there. It’s not as if you are using a pencil, and always have the opportunity to erase any mistakes that you make.

Some Works by Athar Abbas – Pakistani Artist

Mr. Athar Abbas is a Pakistani artist whose work is very unusual as he works primarily with natural materials, wood and stone. Read this article to find out more about this unusual work.

Getting Started With Ceramic Painting

Even if you have never painted ceramics before the information here will get you going within minutes of starting your first piece. You will be painting like a pro before you know it and may even have buyers for your finished pieces!

Mai Wyn Schantz – Artist Spotlight – Denver’s First Friday

Critique of Mai Wyn Schantz’s artwork. I just attended the First Friday Artwalk for May down in Denver’s Santa Fe Art District and was inspired to share her work.

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